Johnny Mark Herring / Press

“The personifying hook, the well-crafted melody and original lyric meshes together effortlessly. The well-crafted combination of these elements artistically conveys the spiritual passion of the singer. Beautiful work . . . .”


"Story Of Our Lives was 1st Place Winner of this year’s Austin Songwriter’s Group song contest in the Inspirational category."

ASG Austin

"Austin TX, song writer Mark Herring got his hands on a bottle of Sauce On Purpose... we couldn't have been more filled with joy, laughter, and excitement..." We just celebrated a Limited pre-release of the custom anthem "Bring It! written specifically for the makers of Holy Smokers Sauce in Austin TX. Two versions of this anthem embody the testosterone of a soccer match and head-bob swing of a sing-along while the melody remains solid.

The Holy Smokers

“The melodic phrasing and vocal arrangement is fantastic! ... this piece stands out!” Story Of Our Lives was a Finalist in the 2013 Great American (International) Song Contest. Only 100 Finalists were chosen from songs submitted by 1600 songwriters representing 43 different countries.”

Great American Song Contest