Mark Fahad / Press

“The Benefit Album: The Downtown All-Stars Of Red Bank – Magic On The Navesink...... The last song on the disc is by Zone Blitz Chainsaw. “Fire Away” is about as rock and roll as you can get. Singer Pat Murphy is joined by six-string slinger Mark Fahad on this KISS-inspired number. They are also joined by Aaron Manzo (Lords Of Darrenland) for some fun-filled boisterous partying. Murphy is the real deal and fronts this song with powerful style. Fahad blasts pentatonic fury throughout as Victor Montanaro kills it on drums. Loved it!”

“Grab a glass of your favorite and sit back and enjoy about an hour of Mark “Scooby” Fahad’s Drawn and…CD. The first strains of music issue from the speakers and you know there’s something to it. Familiar flavors of Poison’s “Every Rose…” jump to mind at first. Digging deeper into the tracks, the warmth of the bass create an emotional pillow for the songs to rest on.”Let It Ride” opens with some very cool effects, and “Youth Grows Old” haunts as it draws the breath of musical expression. You catch a smooth groove as the last track “Killin’ Time” opens its eyes.As far as I can tell you, this is one to add to your collection: good harmonies, interesting music, familiar feelings, and many images conveyed. In my Opinion Scooby do!”