Mark Elliott / Press

“(Good Life 2009) Personal, thoughtful and humorous album full of emotion sung so delicately and handsomely which brings a tear or two to the eyes. Despite originally coming from Washington DC, a place not normally revered for fine country artists, Mark not only tops the list of great artists coming from Washington DC but in fact must be regarded as one of the finest of his generation. This is his sixth album sure is one heck of an effort to be considered as classic status. A man with valour to write and perform the songs he damn well wants, Mark Elliott is someone we should have heard of before. His obvious talent for putting together a first-rate album is there for all to see, and when the quality is this good it makes you feel rejuvenated and to thank whoever that you are around to hear such quality. RH ”

“Mark Elliott is a seasoned Nashville songwriter and producer. In classic country style, the messages of these songs are hard to miss, rendered in a gruff but warm tenor. Mark also engages in some witty wordplay, including in the comic song “Arrogant People.””

“Randy Moomaw of the Ashland City Times interviews Mark about his new CD, "Good life" and living the rural life in Cheatham County - TN. Check out the link below for the article.”