Mark Cunningham / Press

"A song inspired by Tullamore Singer Songwriter, which was inspired by a photograph of an exhausted fire fighter asleep on pew on St. Paul's Chapel after 9/11 has been chosen to appear on the US State Dept's 9/11 memorial website. Mark saw the photograph shortly after 9/11 and again on a visit to St.Paul's last year where he wrote the song, sitting on the chapel steps. "St. Paul's has the strongest vibe of any building in New York that I've ever come across. It is the only building to survive the great fire of 1776 because New Yorkers passed buckets from the Hudson all night to save thier church.....it survived New York;s two greatest disasters, it has no right to be there, but it is." Mark is well known for his songwriting ability and captivating storytelling in his songs, whenever we are lucky enough to see him on stage"

“About First Responder: "Please listen to this from Mark Cunningham. This song has special meaning for me as I lost a member of my family who was volunteer NYFD and also have friends who were there and suffered!"”