mark cote / Press

“Mark Cote has got to be one of the best songwriters to ever put pencil lead on paper. Sometimes magic comes our way here in the RMR offices by way of new music and it demands we let the public know just how good it is. Well Mark Cote is on top of his game and his new album 'Funhouse of Your Mind' is one of the dynamic releases of 2012. Mark Cote can deliver a song with passion and unbridled enthusiasm. This album has such diversity and originality that it musically demands the listener play it over and over again. Surely to be a favorite for radio DJ’s worldwide.”

"You are left with the feeling that each musician is 100% on board with each gorgeous song on this album...impeccable lyrics filled with strong and inventive story lines...this rich album will become part of you. It attaches itself silently. It is one of the best albums I have heard in years. This album is a must for your music library. Grab Mark Cote - FUNHOUSE OF YOUR MIND today. "

"With Funhouse Of Your Mind, Cote’s work has paid off...akin to The Beatles during their Sgt. Pepper days— upbeat, poppy, whimsical and entirely catchy...if you have to leave the comfort of your computer screen to purchase one tangible album this year, consider picking up Funhouse Of Your Mind."