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“What a pleasure to include this Australian band to my Reggae Summer Beach playlist - 43,522 followers. Your track Language of ARP sounds so very good. Very fresh music and perfect sound. Greetings from the Canary Islands, Spain - David”

“Congratulations - this track has a great vibe & flow to it & I have added Rack It Up & Let It Roll to my iTunes US Top 100 Chart / Spotify playlist with 52,718 followers.”

“Mark Skin Radio USA album review - extract - Sugar Baby. This is a solid album with a range and variety not often found in most bands today. This is a band from Central Coast in New South Wales, Australia. The land that gave us The Bee Gees, AD/DC, The Little River Band, INXS, Men at Work, Midnight Oil and Crowded House to name a few. Frontman & lyricist Mark Cashin and his band have put together an album that is clearly influenced by these earlier imports from “down under”, but also shows other musical roots that don’t stop at the Great Barrier Reef. With a little Men at Work but a whole lot more edge and a few moments that remind me a lot of Boston. Their use of power chords and ability to generate great riffs that don’t get boring along with a soaring vocal keep you engaged. But these are not musicians that are dwelling in the past. You may hear a little of these sounds on Sugar Baby which are their’s alone. To me it sounds like a very promising future.”

“Sometimes, something a little left of centre is exactly what you need, especially when it comes to music. Having an artist really take the chance to stretch the notion of the listener experience, and daring to exist outside of exactly where we usually find our ears wrapped around a tune.”

“I have had "For so Long" on repeat for over five hours. I can't get enough of this song with every replay. I can see Mark Cashin and the Lil Hussys becoming the next world wide stars, up there with U2 & Sting - i will be playing their tunes on TDB Pirate Radio.”

Timothy Dean - TDB Pirate Radio TN, USA

"I have been in broadcasting for thirty years & never have i had the pleasure of interviewing such a talent as Mark Cashin. I absolutely love the song 'For So Long' & love the way it has been sung. These guy are going places in a big way and i would like to see all my listeners buying a copy of this great new album A Velvet Hour. Please forward me copies of other songs on the album as i would love to play them"

"Sandwiched between The Commitments and The BluesAngels Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys is like a Central Coast version of Cold Chisel....Rock ‘n roll is not dead after all."

"These home grown guys are the kind of musicians which make you wonder why the charts are flooded with so much dross...bringing rock back to the fore & witness the birth of a new Aussie legend"

"Sitting down and listening to the wondrous cacophony of sound produced by Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys everything about them screams ‘Monster Rock Group’. Powerful weighty rock music that at times borders on pop-punk, they are incredibly polished which in today’s over populated, monotonous alternative market, is incredibly refreshing. Make no mistake, these guys are going to be huge. A most definite 6/6 from me." (Partial Review Extract)

"Ordinary People, Black & Blue and California are some of their stand out tracks - their charisma & talent seem to effortlessly combine to create these infectiously catchy & dynamic rock songs. They bring back the sound of rock" Just Another Radio

Just Another Radio - Just Another Radio - Up and coming artist

"It's not often that a band comes along that is so tight musically, each instrument working off each other perfectly to make an awesome sound. Then you add Mark's incredible voice into it and a truly epic sound is born! It's only a matter of time before these guys get signed and start doing world tours!" - Dave Brady, Epic Radio Director

Dave Brady - Epic Radio

““Mark Cashin and the Lil Hussy’s bring back the sound of the post grunge rock of the 90’s, with memorable punchy guitar, poppy vocal melodies with the right amount of grunt to please the Gen X rocker. Mark Cashin and the Lil Hussy’s are like Australia’s answer to bands like Ugly Kid Joe and Soul Asylum…” Kirby Walton, Low Tone Media”

“You guys are "the sound of the new world rock music scene", continued success.”

V1 music - V1 music

“Where on earth have these guys been hiding out over the years??? Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys have delivered one of the finest rock albums to surface in Australia in a long time. After just one listen to ‘Cashology’ you’ll be realizing that these guys really do deserve to be on a world stage. But then the magic happens.... ‘Cashology’ becomes a brilliant rock album, an album that all rock fans must hunt down and add to their collection. This album should guarantee Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys are noticed not only in Australia but also in the tough American market. This is rock music at its best! Rating: 4 stars out of 5 ”

“CASHOLOGY Review: With a voice that often brings to mind Brett Scallions from FUEL and a slick production,there isnt much to not like about this album. Its well crafted punk-tinged pop. Its inoffensive and not much you can fault here. Rated: 3.5/5”

“Max TV (1st Play) with YUMI places Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys latest music video release 'Ordinary People' with the following artists on weekly rotation OCT 2010: Christine Aguilera, Michael Buble, Seal, Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys, KT Tunstall, Crowded House.”

“CASHOLOGY Review: What follows is a vast array of variability and honesty within the music. Songs like Good Company, Ordinary People & Set in Stone are pure honest ballads revolving around the soft alternative rock nature.”

dB Magazine Will Oakenshott - Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys CASHOLOGY review

“Rock sensation Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys are on the verge of launching their new music video clip 'Ordinary People' via major TV networks and will be broadcasted by Landed Music, Max TV and Rage in the upcoming weeks in Australia. - Since the recent addition of their audio single 'Ordinary People' being A Listed by international radio stations for worldwide daily airplay.- This 5pc group are fastracking their way onto international playlists & media platforms worldwide & their performances are gaining rave reviews. ”

“On the international front Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys are fastracking their way onto international playlists across the world ( Check out August 20th radio station list).While podcasts by Deuce Radio Show no#75 plus interviews upcoming with the one & only 'Legend of Rock' Jason Saulnier of GTMO / Pure Rock Radio USA, Radio Rock Cafe, Error FM / Deaconlight.com interview is also upcoming with girl of rock DJ DDT & something special via Wrecked Radio by rock hostess herself - Jess Paul (airing on 20th Sept). Plus many more to come. ”

“Since the launch of their newly released album CASHOLOGY to over 1000 + music goers, Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys have been snapped up by 101.3 SEA FM radio station who have the boys performing live in studio Friday morning 8.20am on 1st October.”

“Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys have a sound unlike anything ive ever heard before. Raw & earthy...yet smooth, you can feel the honesty in Mark's vocals & his tone is unprecedented...True Genius. Headline: Mark Cashin uses his sound to address the effects of domestic violence in his song 'Black & Blue'”

“Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys deliver a new sound to a new decade with their new aptly named rock album ‘CASHOLOGY'This band has a great track record of providing a solid rock sound & live performance by engaging the audience like only the best entertainers in the business can do. ‘CASHOLOGY’ forms an articulated blend, an infusion of melodic & classic rock hooks with a straight ahead rock flavour capturing those iconic rock sounds delivered by a world class band Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys.”

“So what does CASHOLOGY sound like? Mark has stepped back into his rock roots - this is a slap in the face that represents his live performances far better.”

“Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys do a great job of bringing back the early days of alternative rock. 'CALIFORNIA' off CASHOLOGY album features gritty vocals & a fierce alternative rock sound with heavy guitar driven riffs.”

“The single California is servicing Australian radio and media now & is live on itunes worldwide Keep an eye out for the video produced by Noise TV team in Melbourne Australia & features celeb cameos.Now its streaming on various music channels across the world coinciding with Itunes release”

“On the back of his successful 2008 debut release Bed of Light gains major airplay throughout America via Error Fm & 272 Records Hollywood California is the first from his forthcoming sophmore album strikes a chord offshore particularly in USA with strong follow up spins on this track”

“Recently listening to a live set truthfully I walked away mighty impressed this CD will easily sit next to any world class release.Our drive announcers are loving your tracks & playing them well done album, congratulations!!”

Kay Howick Music Director Bay FM QLD - Industry Comments

“I love your tunes it’s magic Mark, that makes me realize that I have to be back on the radio to play it to people your songs have a timeless quality to them. I played Black & Blue today I will surely be playing more from this record.”

“2yrs in the making could have taken no less setting free his debut album Bed Of Light Working with Suburbias talented Simon Tonx & Cashins band the Lil Hussys completing an album with the potential to be remembered as Aussie classics Brings some freshness and indeed light to the rock genre.”

“Yes theres some incredible musical talent left me thinking the other dime a dozen sticks onstage a few can actually perform Did I mention Professional Bands take a leaf out of their book this is the kind of band that other bands want to be like Its easy to explain what makes this band so very good”

“With their explosive rock numbers A real surprise package They took the stage & delivered surprisingly rich acoustic rock numbers in the vein of Fuel or Stone Temple Pilots. Mark Cashin is a charismatic frontman & the band are all top notch all the right elements here sorry you finished. ”

Reviewer: Ikatulka - LIZOTTES Review

“Plenty of great songs on Bed Of Light album starting with #1 Gypsy Lady is my favourite with many more strong contenders on this album Mark you are a creator of brilliance at your show recently I was lucky enough to hear some new songs keep up the great work i look forward to catching you guys again”

Al Longstaff – National Manager - Sony Music - Continues to Impress many

“Beautiful sound acoustically a great treat for us thank you too for the grace in which you handled the family as your audience a sign of dignity.Excellent fortune in the U.S. Clearly you deserve it and we @ The Dog look forward to the time when our theatre will be way too small to accommodate you.”

Peta Hanrahan - Artistic Director - The Dog Theatre Melbourne - Bed of Light Melbourne Tour 2009