Mark Allen Felton / Press

“Saxophonist Mark Allen Felton rehearses the national anthem before a campaign event with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton”

“Saxophonist Mark Allen Felton performs a musical tribute to four-time Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Lionel Richie”

“Joyous Jazz at Long Beach Jazz Festival”

“The Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Celebrated in the City of Inglewood”

“Rooftop jazz, Soul and R'n'B”

“Mark Allen Felton visits The WAVE!!!”

“Tavis Smiley Interviews Mark Allen Felton”

“I promise that once you start listening to this Album, it will be hard to stop!”

“Felton’s music gives the listener a certain peace of mind and transports them to a place of divine sensual tranquility.”

“This was the first CD I have bought on CD Baby and I must say that the music is phenomenal!”

“This cd is a must 2 have!!”

“… loaded with romance and seductive saxophone!”

“I received your CD in the mail this week and it is FanFabulous!”

Pamela D. - Hearst-Leclaire Courts Alumni

“Saxophonist Mark Allen Felton Defines Grown and Sexy!”

“Shiny thing' propels sax man's career”

““I’ve never had an artist besides Mark Allen Felton receive a standing ovation in my restaurant. Simply an unbelievable performer who always delivers.” (Riverside,CA)”

Phyllis Wheeler - Owner, Backstage Restaurant

““Mark Allen Felton is an extraordinary, talented and versatile artist who renders unbelievable music. His mesmerizing performance never fails to excite the audience.””

Cora Jackson-Fossett - LAABP