Mark Adam Crow / Press

“In your absence I am forced into finding other forms of amusement while thinking about you. If I could have just one wish, it would be to wake up to your songs in the morning. Your cleverness helps me breathe without the need of oxygen. How it passes there and back again like a tear drop glistening in moonlight. Panoramic aromavision is the future. Your layers of absinthe and torsion form concretions of hyper-alimentation. The skin I shed is a perfume that makes water bubbles so terribly clear to me.”

Veruca Jones - MySpace

"Great tracks, your passion for music really shows in what you create, awesome accomplishments."

Ashmode - ReverbNation

"Amazing, my friend. I fell in love with your sound about 15 sec into the 1st track. You have my undying support from here on out, and I hope you'll accept this gift of 1,500 Atomic Love vibes. Make it 2.000, because you make the world a better place."

Kevin Lanier (Atomic Honey) - ReverbNation

“Powerful material!! Love it!!”

Les La Tour &The Cradle of Sound - ReverbNation

""Ultimo" - Very cool song, percussion and effects go together nicely, excellent dynamics and flowing feel of the ethereal sounds - playing on the home page of DesertSnow.org in the bottom playlist."

Randy Stahla - ReverbNation

"Impressive & powerful music - like it."

Pyjama Devil - ReverbNation

"loving your tracks!! the dark & moody atmosphere works for me!!"

Todd Stone - ReverbNation

"Artistically engineered tracks! Great work!"

Synergy Official - ReverbNation

"Nice and warm wind blows in my heart, so Beautiful,..."

Ryo Utasato - ReverbNation


Imperial Ambitions - ReverbNation

"We need more artists with your approach to making music - and it sounds awesome!"

Gandalf - ReverbNation

"Beyond great homey!"

Dashous Clay - ReverbNation

"Your music has a lot of life and personality very dynamic, well done! best of luck!"

Lynnay - ReverbNation

"Real nice soundin stuff man. I like how U got the dark tonez up front & the higher tonez reppin hard in the in the middle & back. WELL DONE."

One Beyond - ReverbNation

"Hey, nice tracks Mark. You have a nice range of styles. I really like Prevail. Great track!"

Liquid Universe - ReverbNation

"I've met a handful of others like us--we are the future of music. The scene needs to die a little more still (my guess is it'll be dead in 3-5 years--as we once knew it anyway), and after that it will be people like us that start it all over again from the beginning. It'll be a beautiful time--people making music and sharing it simply because they love it and understand its importance in the human psyche."

Kevin Lanier (Atomic Honey) - ReverbNation

"Never become dismayed, never stop believing, and by all means, never ever stop making songs--the world needs this."

Kevin Lanier (Atomic Honey) - ReverbNation

"This world is a dream. You can learn to control your dream, or you can let it control you."

Mark Adam Crow