“Wish I could have played that good at your age DAMNNNN! You guys rock. Take care and all the best xXx Mellany”

“Congrats to three talented young men! Always nice to see true young talent to keep music alive!”

“Hey! Great sound you have here...your Music Rocks!! Thank you, Kathy=LNL”

“Nice. You have that Punky edge to your music. Good Instrumentation as well. Keep Rooooooockin'. You have a future ahead of you.........Tony”

“Just superb!!! I thouroughly recommend this band.”

“Go for it guys. You are amazing.”

“You dudes can have a fantastic future! No mercy,just take it!”

“Great sound guyz! I def enjoyed, keep doing what youre doing!”

“You guys ROCK! Great sound, very good sample song, and a tight band. Hope to see you on tour soon. Cheers from Canada! Wayne”

“Wow - fullout fury at such a young age. Impressive. Keep on rockin'!!”


“Look forward to more! "Abandoned Cities" is bad ass!”

“Hi from Canada. Wicked track, my friends. Very well done. More, please?”

“Raw, Raunchy and Rockin', keep it up guys. LOVE IT ! Need more, need more.”

“Accomplished and engaging stuff guys! Very impressive! All the best with your new songs too!”

“Rock on little dudes! You rock harder than many bands I know in which each member is older than the combined age of all of you! More songs!”

“MARISCAL is going places. Abandoned Cities is a great intro. to an edgy pop punk trio. Wow...only in their formative years. Go MARISCAL!”

“Really enjoyed Ur song "Abandoned Cities," awesome driving guitar riffs & real spit & attitude in Ur voices, U can hear & couldn't believe how young U all are as its rare to get male voices so young with such gravel 7 maturity! U remind me of a young Blink 182 or Greenday!”

“I love to witness the growth of Artist starting from this young age and muturing into recognized names to the many. A great start with your first GIG in your video. Can't wait to see what lies in store you three in this Industry. Blessings”

“Love abandoned cities! You have such great talent at a young age! Keep up the great music!”

“Awesome force and power guys, raw & hard just as rock should be, look forward to hearing more :)”

“Abandoned Cities has the raw power that slices directly to the heart with honest power. Finally, music with teeth, heart and soul! Need more posted tracks!”

“Playing Abandoned Cities....awesome kick ya in the head vox...angular guitars that just rip it...u guys rock.”

“Enjoyed your music, keep up the great work! you are on the way, for sure!”

“You have a good message in your song, great lyrics. I enjoyed listening and am looking forward to hearing more of your work”

“Hey Guys, Rockin it hard, Abandoned Cities sounds great..Keep it up.”

“Abandon Cities is a great song! I just can't believe you guys are so young...it gives me hope for the future of ROCK!”

“The spoken/sung vocals in your song come through with a confidence and aesthetic that really work for me. Keep following what you intuit is right, even if everyone around thinks its nuts. That's what being visionary is all about! Also, y'all are tight on that beat – well done!”

“Really enjoyed, Abandoned Cities,look forward to hearing some more from you guys,nice work.”

“You guys are awesome!!! Keep playing and stick together, you guys will be playing so tight. Good luck to all.”

“Pretty good you guys! your guitar tone is really grungy :) love the tone and song, keep up the hard work! the solo was really rad as well!!!”

“You guys are sounding great!! Keep following your dreams, the skies the limit!!”

“Super cool punk edge you have here. Your band has a nice edge. Wish you the best to many future songs. Cheers.”

“Fantastic to see such a young band out there doing it-have a great years lads!”

“Wow, at such a young age, you guys have a real good rockin'sound, I wish you the best of luck!”

“Sounds great guys! Wish I had your performing skills & experience at your age. :) Best of luck.”

“Great to hear young artists with so much talent, keep on rockin' guys !!”

“You guys are going to be wicked awesome when you start shaving! lol all kidding aside very cool! Keep RockIN!”

“Rockin' In Scotland to "Abandon Cities" Lovin' it! I'll be back for more. Feel the music within & PLAY.”

“You guys are great, especially for how young you are! Keep at it! Great stuff!”

“Hi MARISCAL, Fantastic sound, blend of styles and rawkin' attitude ya got there my friends, keep up the good work, and my best wishes to you for an awesome 2012! Peace...”

“Great energy!, Huge talent!, I wish you great success. Thanks small-greatest artists.”

“I enjoyed the tune ! You guys ROCK !! Keep up the good work :) ~ Foxman”

“Cool tune Guy's post some more ! KEEP ON ROCKIN'”

“Nice work! You should post more tunes!”

“YOU ROCK!!! Keep the flame burning....”

“Really great guys keep going and never let anyone tell you NO!”

“Thanks for sharing your great music, enjoy it, continue to produce.”

“Great sounding band!! Keep up the great work!~Martini Garden”

“Great tune, keep up the good work...music is a great outlet. I look forward to hearing more.”

“Love abandoned cities, great playing, really strong vocals”

“Serious rock with attitude! Rock it guys...”

“This should be a hit great song this is a WHOA!!! Peace.”

“Lovin' Abandoned Cities. Rock On”

“Hi Guys, The music sounds great. Keep rockin' El Cajon...and the world! Great success to you! xx Your fan, Juliann (from La Mesa/Washington, DC)”

“Abandoned Cities lots of heart and passion for that punk rock feel. Tough, raw, performance guys... looking forward to your future songs. Cheers - TPK”

“Young fresh and lively. Brilliant!!!!! Much success and best wishes to you Shining Stars :) Keep rockin in the music world. Peace N Love N Music”

“Abandoned Cities is full of raw energy and youthful exuberance! Rock on men, rock on! ”

“Had a listen to Abandoned Cities and really enjoyed the track, fine arrangement, voice, lyrics and funky rock style..good stuff!..your new friend dean..blessings and peace!”

“GREAT SONG!!!! I wondered what happened to you two!? Play one on Main Street for me!!!! ~kc”

“Cool rockin' song, guys. Keep up the great work. Cheers from San Fran :-)”