Mario Vieira / Press

“hello My name is Mario Vieira Indie Artist I,m a singer drummer songwriter and producer I have been in the music business, locally and internationally for quite some time now. I have been producing others great artist but decided to try my own music and thankfully it seems to be causing a buzz. ( thankyou all so much ) it would be an honor for me to have a Record label sign me and take a chance with me or a Manager who seems to think that my music has potential. I,M easy and cooperative to work with. this is the tip of the iceberg for me I have so much more to offer in music songs just waiting to be born. I,M very sincere and dedicated to my gift and by no means take it for granted. All I need is that huge and heavy door to open and I know we can make things happen. So if your out there and i know you are!! record label or manager please contact me on facebook or here or mariovieira.webs.com my Email is masonman181@yahoo.com contact me there as well thank you Mario Vieira. ”