Marina Star / Press

“Such a great party song! The disco/electro feel it gives you is beautiful! Marina is singing with such passion, I can't get enough of it! The hook of the song "my addiction" and she is mine! Great job all around!”

Crowd Review, Reverbnation. - Review of Marina Star's song - My addiction

“I was pleased to hear the piano solo for the intro. It added both - a touch of class and mystery to the song. Marina has a soft, angelic voice. She has the perfect sound this song needed. The piano piece also gave her voice an extra boost. This song is very soothing and relaxing to hear.”

Crowd Review, Reverbnation. - Feedback for Marina Star's song - Away

“This is fantastic music that makes you want to get up and dance. Amazing voice and songwriting and such a cool style. This is a mega star in the making.”

Producer/singersongwriter - Bobby McIntyre