Maria Sweet / Press

"..We also get the debut video from the band Maria Sweet..."

"The overall sound of Maria Sweet is very crisp and clear. Their lyrics are easy to understand and even easier to relate to, and that’s what makes Tutorial so good. It’s not a glamorized album created by a bunch of pretentious teens trying to get to the top of the charts. It’s an album consisting of a bunch of catchy tunes, made simply for coherence and for the love of music; not for bragging rights. It’s certainly a soundtrack for the next generation of young musicians to aspire to, since Maria Sweet is clearly a hotbed for musicians well beyond their years....."

“Most of their songs are upbeat and fun… that being said, even though “Let’s Make It” is the last track on their 4 song EP, and is a clear outlier from the other tracks, it’s so hauntingly beautiful and has been sticking in my head..”

“..Singers/Songwriters Jessica Espinoza & Daniele Maltzman bring a wonderfully unique sound to their band Maria Sweet, described as "shock-folk with a splash of new wave." Their music is fantastic...”

“las descubrí hoy porque me contactaron por twitter,son dos chicas de Los Angeles y Redlands medias tenneger que reconocen influencia de grupos como Grizzly Bear , Cocorosie , Joanna Newsom,Broken Social Scene,entre otros.”

“Jess and Dani seem super adorable (and ya know, hella homosexual), and I can see their music on many an indie flick soundtrack in the near future.”

"Look out for them in the near future."