Margret Avery / Press

“...most of the material heard on A Place That’s Make Believe is quite fresh and full of insightful lyrics. Joined by a four-piece rhythm section that includes guitarist Kenny Brescia, Margret Avery (who is mostly heard in New York) manages to be both emotional and laidback, direct yet subtle. This is an intriguing set,”

Scott Yanow - Los Angeles Jazz Scene

“‘A Place That’s Make Believe’ puts Avery’s sultry, alluring vocals on full display. Her signature vocal personality glows from a voice that is as smooth as fine liqueur and equally as intoxicating. It’s a slow but passionate song, drenched in melody and awash in atmosphere. Avery’s stunning performance on ‘A Place That’s Make Believe’ conjures a rainbow of emotional reactions : love, regret, sadness, melancholy and more.”

Shaun Moser - A&R Select

“WBAI-FM in New York told listeners that “Margret Avery’s musicality includes a good voice, breath control for a nice long line and a sense of rhythm. A fine singer with her own smart, funny style - another proof that the sexiest part of the body is still the brain."”

Lee Ryan - WBAI radio