Margaret Stowe / Press

““...pinpoint delicacy that feels perfectly conceived and perfectly placed; it feels uncanny with other-worldly nuance; it is beautiful.””

James Strecker - Mayday Magazine CD Review MELLO JELLO

"Eres potente!”

Juan Ruiz (presenter) - Cafe Despertar Madrid Spain

"..she rattled the tree branches in the park with her exciting versatile work."

Sandra Coulson - London Free Press. Concert Review

"Guitarist Stowe is, simply, amazing. She plays long fluid lines that never seem to stop, the ideas pouring out of her in an uninterrupted flow. ...At times as gentle as Bickert, she turns around and lets fly with the energy of George Benson, but always with accuracy and so, so tasteful."

Harry Currie - Kitchener Record. Concert Review

".... the vocals often amounted to filler for dazzling displays by the horn-charged supporting combo. Blame it on guitarist Marg Stowe, trumpeter Lina Allemano, saxophonist Pat Wheeler and ...... reed woman Jane Bunnett..."

Now Magazine, Toronto (WBR Concert Review)

"It's hard to take your ears and eyes off Stowe. Stowe also smokes the lights out on guitar..."

James Reaney - London Free Press, (feature article)

"Most impressive was Margaret Stowe on guitar."

Globe and Mail, Toronto (WBR, Concert Review)

"Stowe jumped into every song with flourish and style."

Welland Tribune (concert review, w/Jackie Washington

"Stowe's departure point is jazz, but her style ranges from folk to blues to world beats, propelled by her trademark high energy and eclectic tastes."

Prague Post 2006

"..guitarist Margaret Stowe is a constant delight."

Exclaim! Magazine Toronto 2007. CD Review (Women's Blues Revue LIVE) Massey Hall