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“On a recent Sunday evening, Marcus Johnson and his jazz quintet are tearing it up at Georgetown’s Blues Alley. The full house is egging them on. Johnson finds a riff he likes, a phrase on the upper-register piano keys, and his fingers move like hummingbird wings as he repeats and repeats and repeats. You can tell from the faces of the other band members that this is uncharted territory, but they are all sticking with the groove, which becomes deeper and deeper and deeper.”

“You could say it was a party with a purpose. Marcus Johnson, musician, wine entrepreneur, publisher, and producer, blended jazz with tips, personal stories and motivational words about starting and running a business, then pointed out some of the principles that lead to success in any endeavor.”

“Marcus Johnson Celebrates his Music and New Wine Label Marcus Johnson has been called a renaissance man, an innovator and a few other superlatives, all which can easily be backed up by a glance at his resume. The jazz musician has earned a juris doctorate, a master's of business administration, and he's a top selling recording artist who happens to own a wine label.”

“BERKS JAZZ FEST 2013: MARCUS JOHNSON / KIRK & KEVIN WHALUM Saturday afternoon at 2pm, there was the double bill of Marcus Johnson, followed by Kirk Whalum with special guest, brother Kevin on vocals. Marcus Johnson is a gifted keyboard player and successful entrepreneur, he not only has a string of solo albums under his belt, but also has been running his own label (Three Keys) and now promotes his own wine under the Flo brand, along with a string of matching CDs. Playing with him, he had saxophonists Philip Doc Martin and Brian Lenair, who were great additions to the show. He started the show with some hard hitting uptempo songs, before slowing things down, which allowed each player to show his sensuous side. In between, he was talking about his career, emphasizing to go your own way even if everybody says it wouldn't be possible. Further highlights of the show were his covers of Sergio Mendes' "Mas Que Nada" and Steve Miller's "Fly Like An Eagle", which brought his set to an end.”

“This July, Flo Wine, Inc. is pleased to announce the debut of its third wine, a 2011 Moscato out of California. FLO Wine is part of acclaimed jazz musician Marcus Johnson’s Flo Brands, LLC. According to Robert Piziali, president and co-founder of Flo Wine, the new and refreshing Flo 2011 California Moscato is a cool, crisp wine with bright notes of apricot, honeysuckle, melon, and aromatic orange blossom. It has a lively acidity and slight effervescence. Flo Wine is produced and bottled in Napa Valley in California using grapes from throughout the state.”

“Marcus Johnson of FLO Brands is an entrepreneur and a smart one at that. It's easy to respect a guy with both a JD and MBA behind his name and Johnson looks for opportunities in everything. But don't let the pragmatic businessman side of him fool you as he's also a very creative, artistic man that's passionate about what he does. The best entrepreneurs have to be. If you go by the left and right brain philosophy, Johnson is strong on the logical side of running a company as well as on the creative side of coming up with new ideas. From jazz musician to wine man, his enthusiasm is contagious and you'll find yourself anxiously waiting for what he's going to come up with next.”

“Everyone knows that musicians “wanna be ballers,” but vintners? D.C.-based jazz musician Marcus Johnson has made that very crossover, going from improvising grooves to riffing on tannins with his brand of Flo Wines.”

“Poetically Justified CD Review”

"In the Outstanding Jazz Album category, pianist Marcus Johnson was recognized for his Poetically Justified CD..."

“Nominated for Outstanding Jazz Album at the 41st NAACP Image Awards...”

“December 2009 Poetically Justified Marcus Johnson "Marcus Johnson’s a master at the sort of sophisticated, smooth piano jazz heard best underneath the chatter at late-night cocktails..."”

“Marcus Johnson IS Poetically Justified. Award winning jazz pianist Marcus Johnson’s latest album Poetically Justified has debuted at #5 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Charts within fifteen days of the albums release.”