Marcus Boyd / Press

“Somehow, Marcus Boyd manages to make country music sound the way it did 50 years ago, and still makes it sound like we should be hearing it on country radio today.”

“In the far Southwest portion of Virginia, a solo performer plays at a micro brewery in front of about 300 people. This man will go as far as his husky voice and clever songs will take him. Marcus Boyd put on an outstanding acoustic performance at Wolf Hills Brewery last month. This writer's favorite selection of the evening was a cover of Free Fallin by Tom Petty. I was impressed by the vocal clarity and fullness. When he hit the chorus, Marcus commanded attention from the crowd. Write that name down. Marcus Boyd. You'll hear it again!”

Country Music Today

“Marcus Boyd blends a smooth Southern style of music with just enough bad boy charm to make his music and shows memorable! This combination was most evident in his song The Bird last night. His songs are real life experiences to those who listen. The Bird is a funny song he wrote about "the universal sign to say what's on your mind." Brilliant phrases and a unique style of acoustic playing left the audience wanting more. It's no wonder he plays without a band. The intimate setting of Marcus' show make him a hit with his fans.”

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