Marc Rossi Group / Press

“…a cornucopia of ornate fusion compositions…Mantra Revealed excels in the architectural intricacy of the melody lines, rhythmically heightened solo work and heavily burnished ensemble work. [With] spots of sheer brilliance in the Indo-fused introductory pieces…Mantra Revealed is thoroughly sophisticated, eminently musical and well put-together.”

“Mantra Revealed’s rich panoply of colors and textures comes from the interplay of Rossi’s own distinctive compositions and the players’ absorbing improvisational skills. It’s become commonplace to refer to an album as a “journey” these days, but few navigate a path as wide-ranging, engaging and multi-hued as Mantra Revealed”

“Rossi is a visionary that would seem to hear the possibilities of [jazz-Indian fusion] in ways that others may not as easily discover.…[pushing the] envelope [and allowing] listeners to embrace the colors and textures available when these two form of music are merged in such a well thought out and cohesive fashion.”

“Marc Rossi is the hip guru of jazz-Indian fusion.”

Richard Stoltzman - Grammy winning clarinet soloist

“Pianist Marc Rossi is onto something here...his music is high energy, high concept and high culture”

“On Hidden Mandala , Rossi's songs capture the rich possibilities of classical Indian music, but still stay true to their jazz roots.... at once giving the song a gutsy rootedness and the harmonic freedom to float out of western conventions. ...as the improvisations speak to limitless possibilities.”

“Rossi explores his inner universe to create eight energetic and exciting tunes. This CD has good karma, one of the most enjoyable creative works of the year!”

Oscar Groomes - O's Place Jazz Newsletter

“Marc Rossi is one of the dynamic few whose musical and cultural awareness travels exponentially in many different directions, expanding his personal universe. His piano and writing has shown skill, depth, heart a sense of adventure, and attempts to form a fresh vernacular.”

Fred Bouchard - Downbeat

“Rossi's vibrant musical textures swirl and surge with canny delight; his variegated pieces, shot through with surprise twists, arching melodies, and exciting polyrhythms, challenge the mind and surprise the ear at every turn... Having explored and expanded his gift of musical tongues, Rossi seeks the kernel of clarity amid complexity”

“Marc Rossi’s quintet shows throughout We Must Continue that there is still life to be found in fusion. Even with the constant evolution of keyboards during the last decade (the disc was recorded back in 1988), the spirited music on Rossi’s CD still sounds fresh and [full of] exciting moments.”

Scott Yanow - LA Jazz Scene

“Every now and again, there comes a light to illuminate the music [as] an American art form. With the release of Hidden Mandala, keyboardist Marc Rossi has followed a rich tradition of ever-evolving, charismatic, improvisational excellence... jazz music at its finest.”