Marc Robillard / Press

“A Canadian transplant living in L.A., Robillard delivers a solid sophomore pop album that focuses on recollections of failed relationships. The production team of Andrew Bojanic and Liz Hooper keep things crisp and it suits Marc well. Marc’s tortured delivery on “Love Song” is similar to Chris Martin, yet with a warmer demeanor. Next, “Unfold” is an acoustic guitar gem similar to David Mead and “Ghost” is a haunting ballad that slowly burns into your consciousness. Once again we follow the theme on “Everstop” with those perfect “break-up” lyrics. While each song is beautifully rendered, the protagonist Marc creates is essentially a moping broken heart with no escape from his depression. By the time we get to “Crazy” he asks “is there anybody there who cares?” ‘Left London’ is a brilliant album – each song is finely crafted, my favorites here being pop goodness of “Conclude” and “Bleed.” No filler here as this album stays with you long after”

“Following his critically acclaimed EP “Paper Air Planes”, Canadian-born, Los Angeles based singer /songwriter, Robillard is on the verge of releasing his sophomore album, “Left London” on March 29, 2011. Music from “Left London” is already making it’s mark as the track “Unfold” has just been placed in an upcoming episode of ABC’s primetime cop drama Rookie Blue. Inspired from his time in England, Robillard’s new album embraces an infinite sound, coated with intimate vocals and inspiring lyrics. Teaming up with acclaimed producers Andrew Bojanic and Liz Hooper of The Wizardz of Oz, together they were able to craft a record that captivates Robillard’s progression as an artist giving his fans the record they have long been waiting for. ”

“MTV will partner with Sony/ATV's "Extreme Music" production library to market the music of unsigned artists and bands to music supervisors for commercials, television shows and movies. The partnership, which will operate under the name HYPE, will see MTV executives identifying unsigned artists whose music might work well in MTV shows. Initially, the music will be shopped to MTV productions and then through the Extreme relationship be come a secondary offering to other music supervisors at other networks and brands.”

“A couple of months ago, the popular biodegradable SunChips commercial featured a whimsical song that immediately caught my attention. The problem was: I couldn’t figure out who the artist was and all together let the song go. Fast forward a bit, and an artist’s name is placed with the song. Millions have already heard Marc Robillard’s “So Much More,” and now they’ll be introduced to more of his music on his latest album, Left London. Although the Canadian-born artist hasn’t released an album since 2005, his latest one deserves to put him on the must-listen indie alternative rock radar. Robillard sounds ready for mainstream success. Robillard’s dedication to his craft really shines through in his emotionally powerful lyrics. The song, “Unfold,” has lyrics like, “Let me open up those pretty eyes/And show you how to fly/If I could show/You are the gold/Then you would know/How it all could unfold.” Beautiful guitar strumming highlights the lyrics. ”

“As always, this venue continues to showcase the area’s best talent in an intimate setting. This young talent who hails from Canada, but now calls Los Angeles his home, is surely one of the areas up and coming stars. His beautiful lyrics and outstanding songwriting seem to cross genres seamlessly. Both mellow and upbeat, pop songwriter with a hint of country, his somewhat smoky voice causes his heartfelt lyrics to flow right into your ears and captivate. This particular night we were treated to new music, which armed with a set list, sans lyrics, its impossible recite his poetic treats back onto these pages. Having listened to his first EP, rest assured his new music is surely as soulful as were the instrumentals amazing, especially the lap steel guitar playing from his band mate which keeps your attention the entire time. Marc closes his set with “So Much More”, which was recently featured in a commercial for a snack product touting a biodegradable bag.”

“Los Angeles, CA – (April 16, 2010) – Marc Robillard will be performing at Sashi Restaurant in Manhattan Beach to help raise money and awareness for Jeanne’s Journey, a cancer prevention foundation.”

“In fact, if the shimmering dexterity of his recent Paper Airplanes EP in any indication, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to soon hear him soaring high amid the quasi-indie chart(s) of suave and swoon. One need only watch the first 25 seconds of the vid for ‘The Pair” to ascertain where this Los Angeles-based artist is quintessentially coming from. He’s calm. He’s collected. And in a coat he most definitely did not borrow from James Dean, he certainly knows how to fully project himself onto the solipsistic slipstream of our collective imagination.”

“A song I almost passed on is Marc Robillard’s “Butterscotch High.” I’m glad I didn’t. I don’t know much about Marc, but there’s something about this song that I really like and it reminds me of someone else, but I can’t quite put my finger on who.”

“Now with the upcoming release of his sophomore album, Marc Robillard hopes to reach out to a bigger audience with a collection of brand new tunes. One of his new songs "So Much More" was recently featured in a national Sunchips television spot.”