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“Latin rhythm kings rule Marco Claveria Project draws on many cultural influences Edmonton is a long way from his birthplace of Santiago, Chile, but Marco Claveria will tell you that his life has taken many turns he never imagined way back when. As a musician, singer and songwriter he has developed far beyond his roots in Chilean folk to embrace a wider knowledge of Latin rhythms and jazz. It's hard to label all that, so he calls the threads of his musical experience on CD Essencias, or "essences." Check out the 10 tracks on Essencias from the Marco Claveria Project and you'll hear grooves from Brazil, Cuba, some tender Chilean love songs, and even a cover of American Latino star Ruben Blades. Much of it brings infectious bubbling rhythms behind the leader's intricate guitar chords, but it's still spare enough to let the warmth of his own personality seep through in the Spanish lyrics. ”

“Metro - Mix of Six: Nov. 12-1412 Nov 2010 ... From a musical background in Chile to becoming one of Edmonton's pre-eminent Latin musicians, Marco Claveria now performs a pan-American ... www.metronews.ca/edmonton/.../689587--mix-of-six-nov-12-14 - CachedEverythingImages Videos News BooksPlacesBlogsRealtimeDiscussions MoreFewer Edmonton, AB Auto-detected Change locationClose Search Options The web Pages from Canada All results Timeline Fewer search toolsMore search tools ”

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“Chilean-born musician Marco Claveria launches new album in Canada ...Chile, ,, Chilean-born musician Marco Claveria launches new album in Canada. The Latin-influenced record has its foundations in Chile's folk music including ... www.thisischile.cl/Articles.aspx?...”

“Latin rhythm kings rule12 Nov 2010 ... Edmonton is a long way from his birthplace of Santiago, Chile, but Marco Claveria will tell you that his life has taken many turns he never ... www2.canada.com/edmontonjournal/news/story.html?id...8bb4... -”

“It might be the rolling R’s of Espanola, the conga-line daydreams it inspires, or that wailing trumpet that seems to travel for hours, but something about latin-stirred music urges one to confidently waltz into a sweaty salsa club and ask him or her to dance. As you fight the urge to be on a beach with that same new friend this winter, the Marco Claveria Project’s debut, Essencias, embodies that special foreign essence well. Joined by more musicians than you can shake a maraca at, the project borders on the overly commercial travel-ad/’Mexican themed-restaurant you’ve surely enjoyed’ sound at times, but for the most part ranges from sexy flamenco chops of the piano, walking bass lines and plucked guitar rhythms throughout the 10 tracks. It’s exciting that this music happens this far north and doesn’t only live a tacky existence on Sirius satellite radio for those special, saucy nights. Check out the Marco Claveria Project Nov. 12 at Lyve On Whyte”

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