Crumb Catcher / Press

“We were played on this podcast from Homoground.com. Defiantly come back and check this one for allot of awesome music.[#079] Against Me! / The Vliets / Crumb Catcher / Radio for the Daydreamers ”

“We we're played on Skycast indies out of Portland Oregon. Defiantly give um a listen when they put something out.”

“We were played on Blaqart Radio Retribution Episode 3 and given a pretty cool little on air review. Check um out they play a lot of really good bands on here.”

“We we're played on this podcast as well as our friends Saint Hooligan. They put out alota podcasts with great music and interviews. Show we were on: http://www.punkrockdemo.com/playlists/show327.php Home page: http://www.punkrockdemo.com/”

" Who doesn’t appreciate originality and a new twist on punk and alternative rock? By sprinkling their music with some funk, psychedelia and country to boot, the Crumb Catchers CD Fired keeps it new and interesting. " Read whole review here: http://www.raleighmusic.com/articles.asp?aid=5454