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“Marci Geller is an interesting, significant, mysteriously lesser-known talent in the music world. Geller has performed all over the world including California. In fact, Geller hopes to once again visit Los Angeles once her next album is in the can. But just exactly who is Marci Geller? Marci (Anne) Geller is a New York-born singer-songwriter. Geller‘s music can be heard on numerous television networks including MTV, VH1, and A&E. Geller has recently taken a new direction with her music and while little is publically-shared about Geller’s past, her career can be traced back to the late 1980s. It was in 1989 that a cute, darker Debbie Gibson-esque Geller released a 12-inch record titled “Shake You Up”. This freestyle early electronic dance piece was put out by Back Door Records. It contained 5 cuts. Each was a different mix of the title track “Shake You Up” which was co-written with backing vocalist Donna Bach. (to read more, click link)”

“Recently I have come across Marci Geller’s “First Dance.” A music industry veteran whose creations are featured regularly on television (and more), Marci married her best friend and co-writer Gian DiMauro. The couple will be celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary this coming Saturday, May 7th, 2011. “We co-wrote our wedding song because we met while working on a writing project together,” Marci told me. “At the time, I was working on a modern day rock musical and had decided to write each of the characters with a different person. A mutual friend suggested I work with Gian.” Marci and Gian convened at his recording studio to collaborate on a song that they never ended up quite finishing. Two weeks later Gian proposed, and after a healthy engagement period, the two married in 1995. They decided that since their intended composition was never finished, then they might as well write one for the wedding - and that’s exactly what happened!”

“Marci Geller is a Renaissance woman if there ever was one. This talented singer-songwriter isn’t your typical angry female on a mission or another flower power reject with an acoustic guitar. Geller is powerful and abrasive (“I’m So Angry”, “World Falls Down”) in a Tori Amos/Alanis Morrisette way, yet she retains a tenderness (“Falling Down”) that allows her to truly tell an enchanting story through song. 12 enchanting stories, to be exact, as Here On The Edge contains well-crafted songs and top-notch production, not to mention the ultra powerful and emotional voice of Geller. If you’re looking for a millennium version of Carole King and her masterpiece Tapestries, look no further. Marci Geller is an intense performer whose beautifully poignant music will sweep you away to a land beyond the edge. ”

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“BETWEEN THE LINES, A friend of ours, Anthony Pomes, turned us onto a CD from one Marci Geller, called Box Of Truth. Reading the extensive (and, tiny!) liner notes, Geller reflects on the life-changing events that helped her create this marvelous CD. I won't go into details, but, after reading them, I had an increased appreciation for the music. Her magnificent voice recalled, at once, the wonderful Heart sisters; Ann and Nancy. Of the 11 tracks on the album, my favorites were "Me Versus the Pill" and "Close Your Eyes." I do happen to know a lot about this business, and I'm tempted to say, the only reason Geller doesn't have a major release is because the industry (or, what's left of the industry) has NOT heard this disc. Check out her site and get this undiscovered gem.”

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