Marc Gunn / Press

“has the ability to generate many moods, both with his lyrics and the music. From thought provoking to jubilant”

“Marc has a brilliant selection of both the merry and the somber to suit whatever your current mood, whether you need some cheering up or had rather drown in your own sorrow. Go ahead and draw a tub of water, light a few candles, prepare to relax and soak up some autoharp.”

“Marc Gunn will charm you, make you laugh and perhaps even make you think. Somewhere along the way magic happens. What Color Is Your Dragon? Is a classic”

“Marc Gunn delights our audiences with musicianship, solid delivery of traditional and not-so-traditional Celtic favorites, and an overall rollicking good time. Music can be much more than ambiance; Marc's show is musical, engaging, and entertaining.”

“I am a not so innocent victim, fallen prey to the seductive lure of traditional (and not so much) Irish music, thanks to the multitask man, Marc Gunn.”

“It goes on like that through fifteen feline adapted tracks which have garnered applause, encores and four-paws up from combo cat and Irish music lovers all over the world.”

“So, Celtic cat lovers, rejoice! Marc Gunn has made an album just for you.”

“Marc Gunn puts a whole new spin to the yarns of old Irish tunes.”

“Marc Gunn's Irish tunes hearken back to Burl Ives' ballad style with a twist. Marc Gunn lures the listener away from the day's cares into a fun escape.”

“...really carries you back to a bygone pub in a bygone time and a romantic wild Irishman telling his tale.”

“Marc's reign as Irish auto harpist king in today's Celtic music world carries on with vigor...”

“Marc is a tireless supporter of Festival music, Celtic music and a wide array of musicians.”

“You sir, are the Chuck Norris of Renaissance Festival Musicians”

“Whiskers in the Jar will delight you, even if Celtic is not the first music that comes to mind”