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“You have an interesting background, i wanted to keep reading more. thank u for the add and u are so right when u say r&b is almost forgotten but u have a genuine and distinct voice.yes, i love r&b, particularly 70s r&b. your music kinda has that feel and thats a great thing cuz thats real music. we need more artists like u to keep r&b thriving. i wish u nuthin but success!”

Eddie Levert Jr. - Sing for Eddie

“Thanks for the luv. I just wanted to tell you that you're phenomenally artistic. You have the voice and personality to do great things in all that you aspire. From listening to your music and looking at your page, I can sense that you're a very grateful and humble person. As long as you continue to be grateful, humble, thankful and appreciative everything that you want you'll get plus more. Be yourself, keep doing what you love to do, eliminate those that's not serving a positive purpose around you because the people you think are there for you, can do the most ugliest things if you let them in and if you're not mindful. Have a blessed day and don't change. If you do, make sure it's for the greater GOOD”

“0mG....ur st0ry almost made me cry..seriously. Im glad u d0nt cho0se t0 be a bad b0y and ur being a g00d example to the y0uth people. I think ur very talent pers0n and i know you'll make it. God is with ya and no matter wa....hes helping u. God bless you. keep g0ing and its nice t0 know u. ”