Marc Collins / Press

“Jim Foley (former Director, A&R, Columbia/Sony) “At Columbia, I A&R’d albums from master singer/songwriters Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel. Marc Collins fits right in… a classic for the ages. Expressive melodies, lyrics and stories that bring us someplace else. Skirts all boundaries. Self-revealing yet compelling. Timeless.” ”

Jim Foley

“Charleston’s Free Times ....No stranger to the Charleston scene, Marc Collins has just released this CD which is pretty much a DIY (do-it-yourself) deal-written, performed, and produced by Collins-though no one would guess it by listening to it. For the most part, Collins plays all the instruments on the album, with a few cameo appearances from friends. Again if it were not in the liner notes, one would ever suspect this is a DIY job-Collins' timing is impeccable, and his playing of all the instruments is seamless. Collins has the power to belt out songs in the vein of Huey Lewis or Delbert McClinton (as he does on "Heartbreak City" And "It's Never Too Late") and at times even packs a wallop of Meat Loaf ("It' a Hard Ride"), but sounds most comfortable when he’s in a sort of Springsteen mode as on "Heavenly Angel", "Your My Everything”, and "I Want to Be Somebody.” A very impassioned, sincere performance all the way through. ”

Free Times Magazine

“Gene Corvino ( fan ) says: Marc Collins is a diamond in the rough. With his Bruce Springsteen like voice (only smoother), he delivers some powerful lyrics in a way that leaves you wanting more. Marc is a professional musician that hasn't yet hit the big time. That time is coming. This is a great first effort. Give it a spin and enjoy. ”