Marc Bryant / Press

““…it's a great result. Marc has already carved out his own sound and approach and fans of rock/hard rock with a modern, or at least contemporary twist, should check this out. The CD has a dark, moody vibe to it, with a hard edged guitar sound controlling proceedings. A quality debut that will give Marc some exposure in this scene - exposure which should lead to even better things."”

““…Naked Son is a guitar driven hard rock album with darker sound but still with nice melodies…Many of the songs are lifted up by a good powerful choruses and with nice hook lines. Not a bad album at all and if your into more of the mentioned bands and misses good old hard rock then check out Marc Bryant’s solo album.””

““…A decade in the making, Naked Son, the self-released debut from American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marc Bryant, combines such diverse influences as King’s X, Lenny Kravitz, Kiss, Stone Temple Pilots, The Smithereens and Night Ranger and Rick Springfield to create one of the most satisfying CDs I’ve heard in a long time. That’s no exaggeration. There is not a dud on this disc…I seldom come right out and write something so blatant, but buy this record.””