Marc Bosserman / Press

“Marc-the hit of the party; And the party is still being talked about! Please know that Marc will be my first choice for entertainment for any of my parties and he will be strongly recommended for anyone who is having a party. ”

“I have known Marc for such a long time and have long admired his work. He is a consummate professional and his magical fingers bring much joy to all who hear him play. Nancy Cartwright, The Most Amazing Voiceover Artist Ever”

“We think you’re amazing, but that’s not enough to say. Melody Larsen, Assistant to CEO”

Melody Larsen,,Assistant to CEO - Private Parties

“Marc Bosserman is a modern Jerry Lee Lewis, with a voice from the Gods! Rob Meister, Professional Musician, Singer Songwriter”

Rob Meister,Professional Musician, Singer Songwriter - My friend

“Marc Bosserman plays the piano the way my sister scratches my back. She knows just where to go to get the exact right place, not too hard and not too soft...Even if I’ve heard the song a thousand times, when I hear Marc play it, it’s suddenly the very best version I’ve ever heard... ”

“When I think of you performing, I get happy. When I think of you playing, I hear “Baby I’m amazed at the way you….” I love it when you do that raspy voice. ”