Marc Black / Press

“Marc Black .... is not only a great songwriter and musician and a wonderful human being, but he also taps into the Great Mystery. Whatever that is, he's hooked into it and it is a really beautiful thing to see and hear and be a part of. Carry on enthusiastically.”

“Black produces soulful, catchy music that mixes jazz, Tibetan chants and the percussive music of North Africa, Brazil and downtown New York.”

New York Times

“Pete Seeger called Marc's song, American Children, "A beauty."”

Pete Seeger

“...his songs are great and his singing is superb.”

Paul Winter

“Marc Black's lyrics are clever yet unpretentious, simple yet poetic, introspective but not esoteric.”

Dirty Linen

“A movin and entertaining indie-folk album that is a pure delight, Black's vocal delivery is sublime...”

Classic Rock Society

“Most of the CD's I get are just a collection of songs. This truly is an album. And I love it.”

DENISE TAYLOR - Boston Globe

“A calm passion resonates throughout the record, wrought with a sincere humanity. Black carves something beautiful and human out of life’s rawest emotions.”


“Marc's emotion-filled vocals, complemented by the crystalline singing of Art Garfunkel, embark on a melodic exploration that takes the listener on an odyssey, shimmering with humor and light.”

“His slightly folky approach to music reveals a truly rare talent, with a superb crossover potential. Marc can - and should - be an international superstar. -Paul Sedkowski, Meermusic, Indie radio”

Paul Sedkowski - Meermusic

“'Ooh, I Love My Coffee' by Marc Black, is a hit. It’s lyrically smart, tastily creative, and has kicked in my craving for a caffeine fix. Black sums up my feeling about this tune with one of his more catchy phrases, 'I love it a latte.'”