Marcanum X / Press

"Freakin ridiculous ! u are a machine ! …. that’s super technical 4 freestyle ! mad props !" (in response to Marcanum X's One-Hour Freestyle)

"...good job man. you have so much potential, best of luck." (response to 'Everyone's A Rapper Now' live performance)

“This guys an animal.”

"Chaos Chaos! That's dope man, it's got a kind of Jedi Mind Immortal Tech vibe but it's still your own style."

Mr. Green (Live From the Streets)

"Dude A LOT BETTER!! Keep working on this man. Keep working at it...this is WAY better man."

C-Lance (Enemy Soil Records)

"Track is fire!! Love the flow and the beat is tight! Sh*t bangs!!"

Da Circle (Rebel Armz)

"Joint was nice."

Blacastan (Army of the Pharaohs)

"Thumbs up.....good armaggeddon s**t."

Bronze Nazareth (Wisemen & The Almighty)