Marc Andre / Press

"He started out as a Christian rap artist in the 1990s, but since 2001, Columbus, Ohio's Marc Andre has turned exclusively to modern pop/rock. Here, he joins up with mixer Todd Robbins (dc Talk, Lincoln Brewster) and masterer Brad Blackwood (Evanescence, Maroon 5, Allison Krauss) for a polished, radio-friendly collection marked by his pleading vocals, crunching guitars, and epic strings. His songwriting is vulnerable, addressing topics like addiction, depression, and materialism with Christ-centered hope."

"To know Marc is to know that his gentle demeanor belies great passion for God, for his family, and for his music. To read Snapshots of the Shattered Soul: The Stories Behind the Songs is to see how knowing God makes all the difference in one's life. Marc weaves his personal story together with the lyrics of his songs and shows us how faith in the gospel holds us together in the world and gives us hope when things seem to be falling apart. To relate to Marc's music is to relate to his story."

Pam Woods, writer and English teacher

"Like his lyrics, Marc Andre takes a beautifully honest approach to writing as he tells the stories that inspired the songs. It is refreshing to read about the journeys of a Christ-seeker from such an authentic source, and the Scriptures Marc includes are a great encouragement. An enjoyable and life giving read from a great artist."

Mike O'Donnell, visual artist/writer

“Marc Andre's latest release, Snapshots of the Shattered Soul, offers up a fine collection of catchy modern-rock tunes. The production is top-notch and the songs resonate with conviction. From the dance-rock vibe of the opening track, Surfacing, to the heartfelt pop-rock More than Broken and Wherever Love Would Go, there's a lot of material here to satisfy the appetite of a wide audience. Fans of mainstream bands such as Lifehouse and The Fray will enjoy the melodic modern-rock sensibilities of much of the songs, while fans of Christian acts such as Casting Crowns and Mercy Me will appreciate the reflective, worshipful quality of much of the record.”

“Marc's best work to date. Energetic with moments of reflection, this album highlights Marc's technical skills, but also his gift as a writer. These lyrics capture a depth of personal emotion that is relatable by the listener. Hanging In The Balance is well produced with layers of rich BGV's. Worshiping you is a moment that calms. Missing, has a driving and compelling urgency. Well done!”