““The intro to this song shows that it 's going to be a slow song. A good song to listen to when you're relaxing or trying to go to sleep. The lyrics are very heartfelt and powerful. The harmonies during the first chorus are great. I think this song could be pretty successful. The song is very easy to listen to because of the lyrics that are relatable and powerful. Well done.””

““I like the piano with the dub step piano at the first part. And I love how the singer puts his voice with the electronic dub step voice. And I love the lyrics the singer sings about his mom, its really meaningful. And I like the rapper rapping about the same topic. I like the snapping as well and how it sets the tempo to clap with if it were in a real concert. Songs like this are really rare to hear it has so much feeling in it. I love how they are so soft with it as it should be. This song makes me think a lot. I rate a 10.””

““Intro is moody and elegant, nice instrumental. Very full and balanced. Mixed well and at no point overpowers the vocals. Common subject matter in the lyrics, not very original. Lead vocals have a very distinct and a voice that is pleasant to listen to. Auto-tune on chorus is played out, let the singer run without auto-tune. Lyrics were all crystal clear, and easy to follow. Second chorse is well executed, another unique voice. Song was easy to listen to, and was good."”

““The introduction in this song sounds very futuristic which i think was very creative. I like that they had regular singing and rapping both in the song at the same time. The vocals on this guy is very good with added autotune effect its even better. Overall this was a very innovative song.””

““Sound a little dark into the introduction. I like how it's about something rather than love as this seems to be what most songs are about now a days.not to keen on the effects on the voice at the start and at the chorus. Definitely a song that I feel I could relate to and one that is touching at times””

"Nice tempo in the song. i like how it starts off smoothly. the lyrics i think that everyone can relate to this lyrics. because everyone cares about the mom in a special way. your vocals are great and i like how you can hear you accent in the song. great job i also love the rap in the middle of the song.”

““Really well done intro that is not to long or to short. The rythm of this song is will done and so is the tempo. This song is perfectly done in rythmatic and tempo aspects. Overall this is great musoc that i recomend to anyone who wants to try something new. In conclusion this is great music.cool stuff in this song that has a lot of style and special stuff in the song.””

““This song was kind of cool, it was not the greatest. it had a nice beat to it, it's atmosphere was relaxing along with the singers voice. It had a warming feeling to it, and the fact that it's about his mother is just awesome. You never really hear anything like this, most of the time its drugs money or cars. But this this is something else and it's just beautiful , i find this just overall better than what i said earlier, it is good! it's melodic and warming. It's relaxing and enjoyable, It gives off a nostalgic feeling which is hard to find””

““The intro to this song sounds futuristic and attention grabbing. The beat and digital effects are also quite unique. From the beginning the meaning of the song is clear (mother) and leaves the listener wondering what else the artist is going to say about it. The topic of this song is easy to relate to because everybody has a mother. the lyrics are meaningful so they hold the listeners attention. I think that this song has a lot of potential because it appeals and can relate to a wide audience with its message."”

““The beginning music does demonstrate a song that will be about a story -- as the singer start to sing it starts talking about his mother. It is different singers talking about their mother. She portrays as a symbol in this song to be someone who has raised her son to become who they are today. It seems that their mother has past and this song demonstrates the love they have so much for her and thankfulness.””

““Magical intro , with a techno / mellow singer who sings about his mother . Lyrics are good , "Hello Mumma" is said a lot and i think that it makes his mother seem a strong inderpendent woman - im rating it 8/10 because its a very real tune about some guys mother. A mixture of rap and hiphop with a mothersday kind of theme , 8/10 IGN recommened .””

““A nice calm start to this. The vocals are nice and quiet and allow you to enjoy it. It has nice mix of two artists at the beginning and i really enjoyed the interchange between the two. The beat is great too, it really allows the lyrics to be full showcased on this track, i really enjoyed it so a 8/10 from me.””

"I enjoyed the digital effects in this track - I felt that they were really well used, adding to the song rather than being too overpowering. I think this was due to the high pitched quality of them. I thought that this was a good contrast with the rap, which, in turn, worked really well alongside the singing parts. I feel that this track had a lot of good things about it - a good beat and rhythm, good lyrics that were repetitive enough to be catchy, but not overly repetitive, and a good melody to the singing."

““A soft subtle start to the song. The vocals are really soothing. the lyrics would appeal to a lot of people out there but unfortunately you have the wrong person for this song. the song brings bad memories back for me and makes me feel very miserable. A very emotional song for a lot of people. the melody also makes the song feel very emotional as well.””

"This is a very good way of showcasing a piano solo in the introduction of the song. Only it is not exactly a solo, it is a piece of music that has some singing as well. This is a beautiful song in which someone dedicated his song to his mother. The really nice Spanish man here is singing these lyrics to his mother and it is going very well. He is a rapper and the sound of the beat and the harmonies are somewhat great together. Love how the background singer is especially singing, they are so mellow. The words there are really sincerest sounding. I would love for someone to dedicate a song to me in this way but I am not a mother. This is one song that is such a beautiful dedication that would be perfect for a Mother's Day song."

““Hello Mama - this song starts off with mystical and dreamy melodies on the piano and hard hitting bass. The singer is good he has good power and melody on the song. The only thing is the vocals have a bit to much autotune and robotic voice effects. The guy who raps is cool he kind of sounds like master p. The words and lyrics about how he loves his mom and is thanking her for everything is something so deep and full of feeling. The mixing and mastering on the song is powerful. I love everything about this song just please take the robot voice off the vocals. But since autotune is in still, I would think this song would still do well on radio. A good rap with lots of meaning.””

“Glorified Mantist”

“Events Draws hip-hop artist”

“World gets to know Mantist”

“Rapper Eyes off Awards”

“Beating the Rap when your back's against the wall”