Mantis Fist / Press

“Mantis Fist draws from funk, soul, jazz, rock, reggae, and dub-step to create a unique and spiritually unifying form of hip hop. Voted the “Best Hip-Hop Band in Albuquerque,” in Alibi’s reader’s poll Best of Burque 2006, Mantis Fist also won “Best Hip-Hop Band in New Mexico,” in the New Mexico Showcase Battle of the Bands in 2005.”

“Mantis Fist as a concept began in the garage of two brothers in ABQ in 1992. These brothers Steve (OKI) and Ron (Narrata) would use a cheap Radio Shack karaoke machine to record freestyle raps over beat boxing. Mantis Fist was recognized as the BEST OF BURQUE 2006 Alibi, and was voted the BEST HIP HOP BAND in ALBUQUERQUE" and "BEST HIP HOP BAND in NEW MEXICO.”

“Best Hip-hop/Rap MC Mantis Fist It's a homegrown family affair with twins Keith and Ken Connell building beats under another set of brothers, Oki and Narata. Readers gave a big shout-out to the boys of Mantis Fist.”

“Mantis Fist has been around this block—many times. An Albuquerque hip-hop staple, the Fist has brought it's undefinable breed of underground hip-hop to our stages since 2000. "We've performed over 100 shows here," says Keith Connell. "We've played with everybody."”