Manifest Frequency / Press

“Manifest Frequency's set last night was great! Vocals channeled Anne Wilson laced with Portishead sensibilities. Ambient melodies, interwoven with savage electric guitar riffs, and bass-driven melodies provided unexpected delight in the electronic environment. Other times, smooth Trip Hop rhythms moved listeners closer and closer toward the delightful source. I WILL see them again.”

Jim Combs, Matter, Inc. - Southeastern Performer, Independent Review

“A CD came into my possession during my recent trip to Dewey Beach Music Conference that absolutely blew me away. I can only say that unfortunately I was not able to listen until the plane ride home. Listening to it felt as if I had been knocked out by the most mesmerizing tidal wave of musical splendor. I continued to kick myself all the way home for missing the performance at the festival. The composition, vocals, songwriting, production and instrumentation are nothing short of spectacular. By far, this is the best CD I have heard in a long time. I dearly hope you catch a listen. I’ll be waiting for Manifest Frequency to come my way again. This time, you can bet I won’t miss the show. The Deconstruction of Dr. Dawn is shockingly good.”

Chris Newborn, Recording Magazine - MassLive.com

““Every once in awhile a strong force blows into the music scene and this time around it's Manifest Frequency. This is pure trip-hop indie rock at its finest! Just envision a female Trent Reznor.””

Madalyn Sklar, named “one of ten people you must know in Indie music" - GoGirlsMusic.com

“There's no doubt that Manifest Frequency is a sign of good things to come for the Atlanta music scene. Beyond just having the most addictive songs I've heard in a long time, Dawn Cook's charisma and appeal on stage could keep you coming back for more even if she couldn't play or sing - which she can and then some. There's no doubt that I'll be keeping my eye on this artist and hoping that everyone else will too. You won't be disappointed.”

Piper Hollloway - The Sunday Paper, Atlanta GA