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“Driven by a placid intensity, ‘Mangled Bohemians’ drain folk and psychedelic music of its collective connotations, their hushed sound instead relying upon repetition and loose ambience to evoke wary joy and noncommittal sublime. Composing primarily for acoustic guitar, the duo concentrate on yearning drones and folk atmospherics, utilising the guitar’s collateral sounds, string hum and amplifier resonance, to engage with the psychedelic and folk idioms whilst replacing their visceral associations with more subdued references. On the most striking tracks, The Long Way Down’s tender finger-picking or Psychic Mumble’s multi-tracked vocals and sharp harmonics, the pair produce a beautiful inertia; elongated ebbs and flows poised mid-air in a considered ambient psychedelia, quietly forming melodies and searching for ideas.”

“Mangled Bohemians create the same sort of hazy, eerie experimental pop music as our Leading Lady of Fuzz, Liz Harris. But while Grouper's music sits just left of the pop dial, Mangled Bohemians make guitar music that sounds like it's coming from outer space. The band's new LP, At the Edge of Earth, sounds foreign and slightly off-putting until you really listen to it closely and notice all the wobbly details, intersecting guitar lines, and hidden melodies that make it a perfect soundtrack to any late-night comedown.”

Michael Mannheimer - Willamette Weekly

“Portlands Mangled Bohemians play a mellow brand of psychedelia that expertly balances languidness and eeriness—think Spacemen 3's "Call the Doctor." It can be viewed as a kind of fluid, shivery freak folk that provides an escape valve into another dimension where time and responsibilities aren't crushing you into urgent activity; you can sense that Mangled Bohemians' music offers a portal to the infinite.”

Dave Segal - The Stranger

“Mangled Bohemians like their sometimes tour mates Jackie O Mother f**ker have elements of experimental music and folk music that don't really fit into either category.”

“Mangled Bohemians emit pleasantly ambient tracks that can slip you into a trance quicker than you can say “catnip.” The band's sound is light-hearted in spirit, but dense with drones and thick layers of noise, percussion and a carefully picked guitar, making it sound like a score for one of those quiet, conflicted Sofia Coppola films. -Whitney Hawke”

Willamette Weekly

“Portland's Mangled Bohemians go for a song-form-dissolving approach that favors amorphous beauty and languorous drift over rigidly defined structure or rhythmic thrust. They don't write songs so much as they create aural flotation devices. Welcome to the pleasure om. DAVE SEGAL”

The Stranger

“ Mangled Bohemians create creeping, eerie songs that flirt with pop and folk melodies but might be closer to the realm of Goblin soundtracks... -THE PORTLAND MERCURY ”

Portland Mercury

“...Mangled Bohemians—true to their name—prefer to slowly release a mangled ball of squiggly keyboard noise that sounds like deep space captured on a NASA microphone. If getting a massage at a planetarium is your idea of a good way to spend the evening, this show probably has just the right amount of transcendence for you. MATTHEW SINGER.”

Willamette Weekly

“The eerie frightscapes of Portland's Mangled Bohemians surface like a lost nightmare frozen back into the psyche. Originally a noise quartet known as 7 Foot Tapeworm, the pair has shaved their droning, black art down to a finely-cut swathe of creepy experiments on guitar and electronics that works wondrously to their advantage. Inklings of claustrophobia and dread drip into their sonically rich recordings with whispered voices and oscillating synth gurgle, while fuzzy treatments of guitar haze give birth to a world that doesn't feel as cold or sparse once you're floating through it. Taking a cue from the Glenn Branca songbook (if there ever was one), the two fabricate chilling atmospheres of metallic clang and hi-end shimmer that unravel through time and space into cloudy vistas of ambient vapor. The group's excellent 2008 CD-R, Degeneration, was reissued not too long ago on Reverb Worship, a small UK imprint and distro that releases albums in limited edition...”


“ The opener, “Pour Voir Noir,” slowly builds to a suffocating vaccuum-like space then vanishes. Again claustrophobic, “Into The Abyss” creates a tension heightened by a signal that is insistent, followed by some gibberish noise, almost taunting. Other tracks are defined by the deviations from that tension: “Cyanide” with its bells, metallic drone, or the low ambient crackle of “Mercury.” The closer, “Spaced,” provides a scratchy pulse, growing ever louder, mixed with some horror movie-esque nattering in the background, but is still creepy, though. “Degeneration” may be a release within the throes of major lineup changes for the band, but it is a confident slice of uneasy noise. Mangled Bohemians will be ok, no matter who joins Lee and Shoptaw next time around. -- Mike Wood (26 January, 2010) FOXY DIGITALIS ”

Foxy Digitalis

“... The Bohemians fill up the first track with an 18 minute piece called “Scatterbrain (bad acid)” that’s bipolar the entire way through. It can’t make up its mind whether it wants to put you to sleep or make your ears melt off. It has Stars of the Lid drones mixed with riffs that you would hear on Earth’s Hex. This is the kind of stuff Richard Ramirez would’ve listened to when he was laying around in graveyards. They’ve grown so much since their first full release Degeneration that it’s hard to believe that they’re the same band. There’s been a few lineup changes since that record and the new members seem to be making these sounds come to life. They’re not relying so much on the creepiness anymore but they don’t let you forget that they know how to control the hairs on the back of your neck. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this band is going to go from here. -Matt Finney/SONIC FRONTIERS”

Sonic Frontiers

“ ...you are treated to 18 glorious minutes of the Portland Oregon based Mangled Bohemians' "Scatterbrain (Bad Acid)"; a lovely guitar meandering spacerawk sleep droner that plops in the obligatory moaning with the occasional echos and dark chuckles that relegates this to daytime listening... Chris Jaques/Foxy Digitalis”

Foxy Digitalis

“So raw and at the same time ,,so incredible!!!! tangerine dream, pink floyd, and so many others and you have the this great sound!!!! and your sound will stand out as one of these great bands !”

Project 2025 -Reverbnation

“Mangled Bohemians have a multipart piece titled "Into the Abyss." Truth in advertising. They evoke deep space's eeriness with deft minimalism. DAVE SEGAL-Seattle's "The Stranger"”

The Stranger

“...promises to set you adrift on blissful waves of analog-synth burbles and oscillations. -Seattle's "THE STRANGER"”

The Stranger

“Creepy atmospheres that recall Bjerga / Iversen, quiet and eerie guitar and mangled electronic alchemy. -APEX ONLINE ”

Apex Online