Manflu / Press

“And finally there’s the brutally uncompromising post-punk rollercoaster they call Manflu; unmissable thanks to the fizzing on-stage musical chemistry between its five members. Frontwoman Aza is a formidable stage presence, ferocious and intense...”

“Manflu are rampant, sexual deviants of the no wave movement who dedicate notes to condemning James Chance to his deathbed and play odes to Sasha Grey; pornographic mutant experimental noise that will make your brain bleeed!”

The Beat Magazine

“Manflu brew up a boiling rush of clang and clatter, winding their music up to a pitch of tension and then pitching it into freefall, as if hurling their songs out of high-flying aircraft. Sometimes, the band seems to have only a tangental relationship with anything so conventional as rock 'n' roll. And then, in the next minute, it's as if they're reinventing the stuff before our eyes and ears. Or at least giving it a good talking-to...”

“It’s time. I’ve been holding back on this one for too long. They are the band that are exciting me most right now in London. Impossible to label. I’d gladly use any of the following words to describe them - experimental, DIY, raw, carnivorous, untempered, eccentric, fiery, unhinged, and noisy. They are Man-flu...”

“With their raucous, energetic, full throttle live sets all over London, Manflu's following, along with said hype, has been growing at a rate that has already seen them breakthrough onto Radio 1. Like I said, hype usually only puts me off a band, but when certain very trusted people become hooked in all of a sudden you start to take notice, and so take notice I did. With this in mind I thought now would be the perfect time to have a chat with the band, so I sat down with Manflu's Pip for a frank chat...”

“Manflu are exactly what you need on a Monday, a perfect antidote to that back to work syndrome, over the course of nine tracks on soundcloud you are introduced to the five piece through loud and infectious post punk tracks that are equal parts aggressive, confident and fucking fun...”

“Playing in the supper time slot, Manflu start in daylight and finish in dusk. That's Manflu, always lurking on the boundary between darkness and light. The band seem magnificently odd in this setting, this warm, benign afternoon. Because Manflu aren't warm and benign. They're all angles and jangles, teetering and metallic, the musical equivalent of collapsing scaffolding...”