Man Eating Tiger / Press

“Man Eating Tiger comprised of Jason Simpson - Drums, Brian Vandegriffe - Bass, Ryan Metz - Guitar/Vocals, Jason Emerick - Guitar, and Robb Martinez - Vocals recently released their third effort entitled Reflections. You can tell right away that this isn’ the band's first rodeo. The band has obvious chemistry and is extremely in the pocket during these nine dynamic songs. From the metronome like timing to the versatile guitar playing the band brings the goods. Man Eating Tiger is a seasoned band and Reflections is a testament to that. Reflections is a no brainer if you want to hear a dynamic rock album with some technical and creative talent. (See the whole review with song critique at the link below)”

“Many people, I think, are conditioned to only like jingly hooks and music as background. Man Eating Tiger is not that kind of band. Instead of a repetitive hook, Man Eating Tiger bears its metal claws, to rip away the curtain of mediocrity that numbs people; desensitizing them to a point where many, may no longer want to hear something truly new or "cutting edge". Many choose to stay in their comfort zones, staying where they are, instead of trying something new, when it comes to this high powered music that they may not understand. Man Eating Tiger sometimes screams this message, through a megaphone, during performance. Maybe someone should listen to the music, and read the lyrics, before judging. Whether they're singing about the duality of inner conflict, or making allusion to "Casting pearls before swine," Man Eating Tiger is the real deal, with metal claws.”

Elliot "Doc" 50+ year STL, MO songwriter/musician/performer - Independent