Mandy Watts / Press

"Mandy Watts performs at the Northern Kentucky Pride festival in Covington." [Picture Caption]

"Entertainment options include a full day of live music, featuring artists including Mandy Watts, Sternwheelers, DJ Margaret Darling, Freeze Kitten will lead up to the evening acts of the Danny Nail Trio and 1969 Band."

“Mandy Watts, a self-described 'queer indie' singer/songwriter, says 'venues like PSL attract the best kinds of people – folks who are genuinely interested in supporting local artists.' Her style merges her family’s bluegrass roots with bold indie compositions. While she can be seen playing in a variety of gay and straight settings, she favors 'venues that actively promote inclusivity' and admits 'of all the spaces in my life, I am most 'out' onstage.'”

“[Feministing's Lori] Aldeman spent two days on the Hamilton campus, the first day greeting visitors at an open house at Miami Hamilton Downtown prior to a concert by Mandy Watts . . . singer/songwriter.”