Mandy Rowden / Press

"Most of Mandy Rowden’s 34 years have been spent fighting her east Texas influences, but the sound...is nothing short of classic Americana."

Jackson Hole News and Guide

"She’s more than a talented musician, teacher and entrepreneur. She’s just plain cool."

Austin Woman Magazine

"On her debut album, These Bad Habits, Rowden tells it like it is over a wiry brand of alt-country, singing in a low-key, sleepily sensual voice that calls to mind Kim Richey or Lucinda Williams."

Charleston City Paper

"Kicks butt with her pen".

Austin Chronicle

"[Mandy Rowden] is a friend, talented rocker and all around nice person!"

"Being that it was SXSW, there was a singer-songwriter playing an acoustic guitar in the store, and while my wife wandered around to look at furniture, I recorded local Austin artist Mandy Rowden performing her track, Sweet, that came out quite well!"

"Mandy Rowden is a lifelong musician who has played all around Austin with various bands on guitar, keys and violin. In March of 2007, she combined her love of teaching music with playing, wine and good old-fashioned fun to form Girl Guitar."

"Austin musician Mandy Rowden founded Girl Guitar four years ago as an informal and fun way to make extra money. The group became a surprise success, attracting women from all walks of life, providing them opportunities to perform publicly, write original songs and collaborate with other musicians."