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" Mandy and the Bandits are the best vocal and musical talent that I have witnessed in decades." " Young Ms. Crumley has composed one of the tightest and most disciplined group of artists in the trade. Not since Poi Dog Pondering have this many talented artists brought together Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, Pop and Brazilian music to Chicago." -Pat Hickey, music fan

“..."Really excellent - both the playing and the singing very beautiful. Great harmonies... Count me in as a fan!" - Peter Asher English musician/producer/manager (Dixie Chicks, James Taylor) ”

Peter Asher - email

“ (of the album, "When Darkness Glows") "This is truly a wonderful debut effort, and is destined to be among the best independent releases of 2011. -Jonathan Schang, musician/composer/producer (District 97) ”

Jonathan Schang - music review