MANCIE / Press

“As soon as somebody comes up with a new way to describe tight, well-played punk rock with punchy chorus hooks, I'll tell you more about why I liked it.”

Ted Drodoswski - Boston Phoenix

“Every musical movement needs an anthem, and Mancie may have delivered the “House of Jealous Lovers” of 2012 with “Hey Brooklyn!” Blending a Courtney Love swagger with a sexy splash of Peaches, Mancie could just be the soundtrack to your next bad decision. “Hey Brooklyn!” is an ode to Williamsburg, touching on everything from the tattooed hipster boys to Union Pool. It drips with sugary sleaze and is the perfect road map to a wild night off the L train. Thanks Mancie!”

“Mancie – Only the Wanted: This Brooklyn based garage rock band self released this EP early this summer. It features the insistent vocals of front woman Andrea Montgomery, smart songwriting (and cover choices) and lots of fuzz and reverb. In other words, 100% of your recommended daily allowance of pure unadulterated rock n roll. There’s even one song that Borough President Marty Markowitz should consider declaring the national anthem of BK. Of course, it’s titled Hey, Brooklyn.”

“The all-female gritty, garage band making waves on the Brooklyn rock scene is MANCIE, led by singer-songwriter, Andrea Montgomery. The band has just recently been featured in popular publication, Vice Magazine, and is having an exciting year with performances at CMJ Music Marathon, and on Sunday, Nov. 11 performed at the Tinderbox Festival. MANCIE has currently released their second EP, featuring six singles, and the hit "Hey Brooklyn," that has labeled them as one of the Best Unknown Bands.”

“The AltSounds File-O-Facts feature on: Andrea Montgomery of Mancie. Want to know more about this up and coming artist? Here you can find out at:http://hangout.altsounds.com/features/147911-file-o-facts-mancie.html#cX0sAg2KYy0zM9IQ.99 ”