manawithorn / Press

“As always, Steinway Street was bustling with busy shoppers, only this time they had music to listen to as they shopped. The band Manawi Thorn performed in front of AXE Brazilian Boutique, 28-33 Steinway St. The rock band from Brooklyn handed out free CDs to the crowd that formed to hear them play.”

“What compels four fully-grown men to pile into a creaky old Ford E-150 and travel a thousand miles? Ask Brooklyn rock 4-piece Manawi Thorn. Judging by the intensity of the band's live performance, they do it because music is the driving force of their lives. The combined ferocity of drummer Kalin Mintchev's syncopated double-bass attack, axeman Ian Roth's spiraling multi- layered leads, and the bludgeoning thunder of Jim Hoey on the low end lay a formidable foundation over which singer Josh Boyer expounds upon dark and strange themes with vocals leaping from whisper to growl to shriek – while Boyer himself leaps from table to table or swings from the rafters. Manawi Thorn wraps up its July tour at the Buffalo Infringement Festival, playing Sugar City on July 25th following appearances at the Tritone (7/24, Philadelphia) and the All Call Inn (7/21, Trenton).”


"...a lot has to be said about Manawi Thorn’s ideas...an incredibly capable band, and Feed and Weep shows that..."