MammaBear / Press

“You are going to want to strap your ears close to your speakers and wrap yourself in kevlar sheets to prepare for this one. “Ice Queen” is as thick as the greasepaint font of MammaBear’s name at the opening of the new video. The music and visuals lock together tightly as if they were two co-pilots in a cockpit. Everything blasts off the tarmac like an aural stealth bomber and drops bursts of splattered napalm across a gritty low-fi aesthetic. Gordon and crew flail about, surfing the broken jet stream of a helicopter spinning out of control into unknown enemy territory. Sultry well-oiled leads fire through the mix covered in black flak and descend into a sea of smoke against ghostly overlays and transparent delusions. Gordon’s vocals crash with life-threatening immediacy to the forefront. The film crescendos as the band roars through an office space jungle that jumps with the beat of the war drum from the dystopian diaspora of the Congo to the burning fauna of Vietnam.”

"Too Slow"... showcases MammaBear’s masterful ability to write a completely vulnerable yet in-your-face energetic release.

“Beneath the blistering music, the songs have deeper meanings – not about parties, late nights, or driving aimlessly down a highway. Instead, frontman Kyle Gordon shares very personal experiences that have contributed to his growth. They are experiences that many of us have experienced, which adds further appeal to MammaBear’s music.”

“(MammaBear) unapologetically straddles the line between high energy, uninhibited guitar rock, and sophisticated pop songwriting.”

“Gordon has returned (to) his Young Orchids roots for this new EP by tapping Ponderosa’s Kris Sampson to turn the knobs (Sampson produced YO’s excellent 2011 release, Afterglow). The result is layers of reverb-soaked guitars and just enough stomp to propel us along with Gordon’s earnest vocals. When he’s at, or near, his best, as he seems to be on these tracks, Gordon’s MammaBear tracks have a devilish earworm quality to them.”

“MammaBear comes from Atlanta, Georgia, but their rainbow roots rock sounds like it has arrived from another dimension where 1996 London has been swapped with Athens, GA, or something.”

“The album has that lo-fi, retro, fuzz and jangle tinged garage rock sound that makes you feel like you should be crammed into some small, dark, dank, smelly, sticky floored club while listening to it.”

“MammaBear changes tempo and mixes in a myriad of influences, ranging from classic glam rock to more contemporary indie and Britpop”

“From its hard-hitting '70s glam drumming to the modern indie rock sound of distorted vocals and wall of wailing guitars, Mamma Bear's debut video for "Red's Dead" offers a nice mix of influences from the mind of head bear Kyle Gordon”