Mama Lenny and the Remedy / Press

“We asked listeners to vote from two lists: AAA and Wyoming albums. We received an abundance of votes this year! Thanks to everyone who voted and thank you for listening to Wyoming Sounds. Here are listeners picks for the best music of 2016: Top 5 Wyoming: The Two Tracks - The Two Tracks J Shogren Shanghai’d - Why So Blue Bird? Whippoorwill - Good to be Around (EP) Elk Tongue - A Field Guide to Mammals (EP) Mama Lenny and the Remedy - Rain Fire (EP)”

"Having a large band might spell chaos for some groups, but for seven-member Mama Lenny and the Remedy, it’s harmonious. "

"While their sound can't be pinned down to a specific genre, audience members of all types will enjoy their energetic, unique, and bold performances."

"Their recorded music is great, but their live shows are absolutely amazing. These 8 musicians are not just great songwriters and musicians, they are great entertainers. I have never yet attended one of their shows where they didn't have their audience crowded up at the stage dancing and drinking in the music."

"What bands from the West are you loving right now? Mama Lenny and the Remedy!"

Laura Quattrini - Sunset Magazine

"What I love about this band is how they all seem to be having such a great time on stage. Some bands treat performances like a chore, or they act too cool for school, but Mama Lenny and the Remedy just genuinely enjoy what they do and that feeling was completely infectious..."

"Their devotion, fueled by unstoppable collaborative chemistry, resulted in everyone finding the energy to stay up until the wee hours playing music despite day jobs and family commitments. Before their first live show at Road 34, they had already recorded a 6-song demo. Fast-forward one year later and the band’s resume includes opening for Alison Krauss and releasing a stunning debut album titled Punches and Hugs."

"This group pretty much adopted the huge crowd before them and no doubt left the festival with a lot of new fans and enthusiasts."

“Mama Lenny & the Remedy – Punches and Hugs // Big brassy ballsy bossy bitchy screaming r&b in a 2 cd debut??? I mean, I know I’m jaded – right? Can’t help that, but WOW did this band step up to the pump to make a point. Lead vocalist Laniece Schleicher hollers, shouts, hoots, and purrs with abandon, verve, and considerable passion. Producer/engineer Darren Radach captured an exceptional performance and had the good sense to NOT squash it with heavy handed compression .. leaving a TON of space in the mix. KUDOS to this debut!”

“Fort Collins and soul music may not go together like Otis Redding and Stax Records, but new Fort Collins band Mama Lenny and The Remedy is here to change all that. ”

“Any town that has cool bands like Fierce Bad Rabbit, the Patti Fiasco and Mama Lenny and the Remedy is doing something right”

“Together the band ushered a wave of emotion and excitement over the growing crowd and successfully pulled an entire group of relative strangers into an unforgettable musical coma that left all in attendance hooting and hollering for more long after their last notes died out. Comprised of a monster lineup, enough musical creativity to power a modern-day magical mystery tour and a refined yet enthusiastic delivery, Mama Lenny and the Remedy gave an awe-inspiring performance that left no doubt whatsoever that Fort Collins can and will stand on the cutting edge of phenomenal musical talent and originality. Expect to see big things from this group and keep an eye out for future performances and releases. If you miss it, you’ll kick yourself both now AND later. ”