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“Today I was searching again for artists who have remained hidden from their success . One such artist is Malynda Hale Even if you choose to ignore her beauty which is hard to do , her voice demands respect and to top it all , she writes her own music and does it very well .”

“The album covers a lot of territory, with a special focus on Malynda’s storytelling. The first single is a good indication of Malynda’s talent. “Gray” is a story with a mixture of melancholy and hope, with a marching drum beat behind Malynda’s great vocals.”

“From the West Coast, the East Coast, the Midwest and back, Malynda Hale has experienced many changes. What has stayed the same is her passion and talent for music. She began her music career in Santa Barbara, California, honed her theater chops in NYC, became involved with television in Chi-Town, and has put it all together back on her home turf, currently in L.A. Malynda is not only a great singer and newest addition to the HiFiveMusic family, but a true multi-talented person who, despite her success, remains super humble and always wears a smile.”

“While you can’t put her into a (genre) box since she dabbles in several, the one thing that sets this sister apart, is her organic approach! No overhyped beats, no meaningless bubble gum pop, but carefully written tracks that will tap into your personal mood and emotions. - See more at: http://www.dutchguy.tv/?p=9453#sthash.eyueYPae.dpuf”

“Most of Hale’s music on the album revels in a spirited optimism which almost bursts from the seams of the songs. You can tell when she sings that every lyric uttered from her mouth reflects a deep seated desire to uplift and challenge people to be the best version of their self.”

“The entrepreneurial and powerful singer, who moves crowds with her songs of deep emotion and devotion, has been a busy bee since graduating from Dos Pueblos about a decade ago. Having worked tirelessly for years, Hale is now able to pursue her passions full-time, but it took some humility to achieve such an impressive résumé.”

“Malynda Hale is a singer, songwriter and actress, originally from Santa Barbara, CA and like most artists, her time is spent between Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. When Malynda heard Leelah Alcorn's story, something inside spoke to her and she wrote "Falling," as a tribute to Leelah Alcorn and the LGBT community.”

“While her creative efforts produce any number of defining characteristics, one aspect intersects Hale's every endeavor. She is without a doubt, tenacious. Both in her work and in her personal life, Hale is unrelenting and fiercely loyal. With the addition of her striking, soulful voice and unequivocal charisma, Hale's art proves influential both on and off the stage.”

"Hale’s new single, Real Love, is a celebration of love and commitment, regardless of gender or racial configuration. An award-winning singer, Hale delivers the message of equality in a way that allows the song to be powerful and emotional without ever becoming a cliché or overly preachy. The song is, very simply, a positive, energetic anthem of acceptance.”

"'Real Love' is a beautiful song, and there is no doubt it will touch the hearts of many"

“Malynda Hale, who was born and raised in Santa Barbara, sang for the energized crowd and displayed the talents that have given her the opportunity to perform the national anthem at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, perform at the House of Blues in Las Vegas and stream her music on Spotify, Pandora and many others.”

“No doubt her latest single will be added to her impressive CV. Recorded for the upcoming film Oranges (by CradeMade Entertainment) Flashback, offers three and a half minutes of smooth R&B infused with pop, which is topped off with Hale’s heavenly and controlled vocals (which puts me in the mind of HEATHER HEADLEY!)”

"Never be afraid to ask for help and ALWAYS pay it forward. If someone helps you, extend that same gratitude and advice to another artist who might need help. Good karma can go along way." That note from Malynda Hale is a nice one to end the week on, so we'll try to make this short and sweet. You get what you give in this life. In a career path that is entirely based on connections - both within the industry and with listeners - musicians need to be conscious of the vibes they're putting out into the world. Whatever help you can offer along the way will only come back to you down the road. Many of today's tours feature headlining artists who once opened for their now-opening act; always keep in mind that the music industry is a cyclical one, and whoever is on top today may not be tomorrow. But forget about just the independent artists out there - everyone should make a point of treating others the way they want to be treated.

“And sure enough when I was given music from Malynda Hale, I found a really talented, way under-the-radar artist with great material and a passion that a lot of mainstream artists lack. Malynda Hale, based in New York City, by way of Southern California, has just released her debut record, The Train Ride Home. It’s a powerful yet catchy blend of songs, ranging from straight up R&B to more singer-songwriter inspired pieces. There’s a deep undercurrent of pop throughout, but not the bubble gum stuff that infests the radio. Rather, a more organic approach to the genre really pushed this collection of music out of the "been there, heard that" paradigm for me.The album starts off with “City Lights." Hale comes out strong vocally, and is buoyed along with a stellar chorus. Hale has a strong melodic sense. Other winning tracks include “Fallin” and “Another World." The one real standout track is “Only You," showcasing Hale’s vocal ability and songwriting.”

“Fusing pop with rhythm and blues is a bold move that Malynda proudly tackled. The results turned out to be her greatest work yet. It is fantastic. Malynda possesses a powerful voice that easily takes command of any audience. Her range is excellent and The Train Ride Home shows just how diverse she really is. From the very first note to the final refrain Malynda shows just how passionate she is about her music. This is perhaps why Malynda states, “When I think of songs that stick most with me, they’re the ones that come from the singer’s heart. That’s what I try to do with my music – each piece I sing and write comes from my heart and experiences.” There are lot of emotions in The Train Ride Home and it certainly shows.”

“In retrospect, after a few spins I simply couldn’t resist the talented Malynda Hale’s strong, evocative and powerful lyrics. As a songwriter, her lyricism exudes with unyielding compassion that’s uplifting and her warmth captures the intimacy of her life experiences is appropriate for any setting. Malynda has a winner with this album, her sound is rich and heartfelt lyrics are a perfect combo which makes this an attractive mix of music to listen too.”

“A singer/songwriter inspired by Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw as well as Alicia Keys comes forward with a sound reflecting urban styles for a new urban sensibility. A high energy charmer for kids comfortable with multi cultural streets, this set rests easily in the gulf between pop and soul that’s going to have to make the tastemakers come up with a new name for this kind of sound that addresses unity rather than separation. Hale rocks. ”

“Malynda’s voice seems to have the essence of the classic vocalist likes of Regina Belle, just smooth enough to carry over the upbeat tempo of some of the songs while her voice is strong enough to stand out as a premiere vocalist on the come up. What I like most about the album is that she explores different sounds that typically an R&B artist might shy away from worrying about conveying the emotions and ideas that are often associated with this type of music.”

“I found Malynda’s song to be something that caught my ear. Right from the get go it’s the hook of the music grabbing me and pulling me right in. The song is there. It’s thumpin from a writing standpoint. Hooky piano, hooky bass, and a groovin drum loop. Malynda’s voice comes in and starts flowering over the top. I really like the chorus when it pops on. From that aspect it’s ready as can be.”

“Pop, R&B and Gospel enthusiasts you are in store for a pleasant experience with one of the brightest singer/songwriters raised in Santa Barbara, California, Malynda Hale. She is releasing a new album titled The Train Ride Home. Her music is strong, upbeat, and soulful. Be the first to be uplifted with her heartfelt lyrics. ”

“What a privilege it is for me to have this job discovering and interviewing such incredible talent as you are about to meet with this wonderful artist. What I like about Malynda is that she knows exactly who she is and where she wants to be. She speaks with self respect in a sophisticated manner and her trained voice and natural charisma pulls you in like a magnet.”

“What a pleasant surprise Malynda Hale is! When I opened the e-mail that contained Malynda's info, I had no idea what a treat I was in for. This So-Cal born singer has a mighty bright future ahead of her. After the first track I heard I thought, "She's dope. Different." After the second song I was talking to her manager. Sooo.... expect to see an interview with Ms. Hale late March.”

“Pop Music with an Urban Soul Flare”

“In the role of Jackie Noles, an Army soldier en route to see her father for the last time, Malynda Hale's fiery lead vocals in Schonfeld's arrangement of "Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel" are hauntingly powerful.”