Malphas / Press

“This five-track EP shows a whole lot of potential. This is black metal, this is melodic death metal, this is symphonic, progressive, and in places even shows a jazz influence.”

Power Play Magazine

“Refined and iconoclastic, Malphas know what they want to do and how to do it. Rather than coming off as confused or lost as many of their peers, Malphas prove themselves to be veritable metal machines; young men who have fire in their bellies for heavy metal.”

Two Guys Metal Reviews

“At first hearing it’s understandable if Malphas trick us into thinking the band’s heretic roots are planted somewhere in Scandinavia. The emotive pulsing blackened charge of energy lends itself to the best of Swedish melodic metal.”

The Midland Rocks

“No joke, the first time I listened to this record I was convinced that these guys were residing in Scandinavia, such is the convincing way that they’ve perfectly captured the Gothenburg sound.”

Unappreciated Scholars