Malindia Shoptaw/Songwriter / Press

“We are featuring your song on the new lineup for our Folk Music Show for the next 3 months. PLAYLISTS AND TIMES: View your playlist (scroll down), see when your song(s) will play, and discover the other great artists being played alongside of you. http://www.wosradio.com/tuesdayplaylists.htm Here's where they can listen: www.womenofsubstanceradio.com www.wosradio.com www.live365.com/stations/breenoble (to listen and vote) Also available on iTunes Radio under the Adult Contemporary Category”

“(Songwriter) Dan Bobbitt: Til The Lonely Is Gone and Time Won't Wait, diffently favorites...Awesome tunes”

Dan Bobbitt - Songwriter Dan Bobbitt

“ROBERT: malinda, time won't wait is so beautiful..you done a great job writing. keep up the great work and greater things will come..take care and come hang out with us in nashville soon. robert Feb 18”

Robert Treadway/Songwriter - Robert Treadway/Songwriter

“WITHERED HEATH: Mal,I love your voice...like a drop of honey XXX!!!”

Withered Heath - Artist

“Mike Sartwell: WOW Melindia... Awesome songs! They really are good. I truly enjoyed listening. Your new fan, Mike Apr 20”

Mike Sartwell/Artist - Mike Sartwell

“The Cradle of Sound: Nice music !! Now that's some good Country Music !! Thanks for connecting Oct 28”

The Cradle of Sound - The Cradle of Sound