Malevolence / Press

“Meet "Malevolence" a California based group of very talented musicians coming together as one unique punk sound. These guys caught our attention over the week on Reverbnation and we have not stopped jamming their music. Now honestly the recording quality is kind of rough, but the music recorded is hardcore and beautifully created. We've become a fan of many of their songs like "Requiem", "Cold Black Morning", and many more. You can check them out with the links below and go from there to becoming a fan today. These guys pull together a beautiful collection of music influences as well as their own passion for creating music. We wish them nothing but pure success as we are here to support what they are working towards. A special thanks to the guys for allowing us the opportunity to express our views on their music as it now sits rocking in our playlist. Let's hear what Captain Cole had to say... see full review at WoodBangers.com”

“Ouch! Oh, I am sorry, excuse me...that was just the sound of my bones being crunched by the mad riffs of a metal band based out of Oakland, CA known as "Malevolence"! I think I will just spend the rest of the evening with my horns in the air and excitedly banging my head to this band's music! One thing that I will be honest about is that this band just recently came to my attention and I am just now checking them out, but WOW, I immediately found their music so inspiring and motivating that I had to post something! Apparently, "Malevolence" has been waving the banner of thrash metal high since 1987. From what I can see and hear, I don't believe they will be giving up anytime soon (I certainly hope not, anyway!). Thank you for keeping thrash alive, Malevolence! I wish you the best. - Captain Cole”