Mala Suerte / Press

“Gary Rosas' commanding growl takes center stage, but guitarists David Guerrero and Vincent Piña drive the tracks with layered riffs that shift from slashing doom to grinding hooks. Sophisticated songwriting and instrumental interplay animate Rituals of Self-Destruction, stomping Mala Suerte into the twilight as masters of the secret fire.”

“Not content to keep within the confines of churning doom tempos which could run the risk of repetition in the hands of less-skilled songwriters, Mala Suerte mix things up by throwing in speedier influences that force the listener into a fast headbang before inducing whiplash by returning to a rumbling dirge.”

“All in all (Mala Suerte's music) feels like seeing a hearse driving through Disney World on fire, or a Hammer Horror film about a hardcore punk band from Venice Beach that start a cannibal cult.”

"Mala Suerte are a crawling, ugly force to be reckoned with, who never fall to tedium and always deliver the goods from song to song. All hail the unholy riff!"

Jason Snyder - Bad Acid Magazine

“Texas has shaped one nasty supernova called Mala Suerte, severe enough to engulf the entire Lone Star state. ”

Dave Brenner - Metal Maniacs

"...like Eyehategod with less heroin and more Sabbath."

Cosmo Lee - Decibel Magazine