Maks Kartashov / Press

“Dear friends! In the last hours of outgoing year I hurry up to congratulate you upon the coming New Year 2014 and wish fullfilment of all your dreams. Thank the Old Year for we stayed together and I believe that in the New Year our friendship will be more strong! Have health, love and prosperity! God bless you! I love you all! Truly Yours, Maks Kartashov”

Maks Kartashov

“ECO-TIME ROCK of Maks Kartashov is capable of awaking the best feelings in every human's soul. His songs are about love, friendship, man's harmony with surrounding world and endless confrontation of kindness and evil... His music reminds of intellectual values so thoughtlessly dissipated by the latest generations...”

Maks Kartashov

“Dear Friends! I will have a performance on the 29th of May at 19:00 in Moscow, town Kotelniki in Belaya Dacha... It's gonna be a new presentation of my four albums.”

“Hello everybody! \\m// I've got new photos on my site: www.makskartashov.fo.ru”

“Today I was invited to play with the good musicians... as it's called: to make a jam-session. Improvisation is my element! ROCK IS ALIVE! \\m//”

Maks Kartashov - Maks Kartashov

“Dear friends! My show is carried over to 10:00 PM. I'm waiting for you all! ROCK IS ALIVE!!! \\m//”

Maks Kartashov - Maks Kartashov

“Today it's Sunday! And I'll go to take a bath in the Atlantic ocean. I need to have a little rest :-)”

Maks Kartashov - Maks Kartashov

“Dear friends! Today I've had an event happened! Today I discussed the signing of the management agreement about the further cooperation with WMA label!”

“Hello everyone! A new song release was issued! My song about MIAMI http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/miami-single/id549800061”

“Friends, there are 15 days remained to my show. Have time to buy the tickets at a discount of 20 to 55 % https://tickets.aftonshows.com/MAKSKARTASHOVROCKSHOW + $3.00 OFF Online Tickets + $3.00 OFF Physical Cash Tickets These Promo Codes expire in 5 days! Your $3.00 OFF Online Ticket Promo Code: MAKS943 Your $3.00 OFF Cash Ticket Promo Code: MAKS943 Promo Codes Expire On: Jul 30th”

“Very soon it's gonna be my new single releases !!!”

Maks Kartashov - Maks

“Attention !!! The first 101 lucky men who buy my new digital album " FATE OF TIME " on iTunes, will receive an original CD with my autograph !!! Direction: 1. Buy my album http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fate-of-time/id517275818 2. Send your physical home addres to E-mail ( wma@wmamusic.org) 3. Enjoy my guitar! :) ”

“Everybody hello! I am in Miami right now! I am looking for a drummer, bass guitar player and keyboards player to join me in WMA label studio! ”