Makiin / Press

“South Florida's local phenomenon, MaKiiN, has been flooding the streets, iPods, stages, and social networks since 2006 and after a long 6yrs the undisputed "Queen of Palm Beach"is finally taking her talents to the Big Apple.”

“K.I.M: How hard or easy is it for a female Rap Artist to get respect or attention in the Music business? MaKiiN: awhh man.... how long do you got? lol But it’s not easy. I'm a white female artist in a predominately Black Male Industry.. Whenever I say I do music, they ask “what kind” I always say hip hop/pop and they give me that eye.. I don't let anyone get away with that so i always end up spittin a verse just to defend myself.. but now majority of those people are current Fans!”

“Let me introduce you all to Makiin. For some she will be considered a new entry into Palm Beach Counties saturated music scene. At first glance you assume se will be a pop singer... but once you take a listen. Makiin will change your mind quick!! The Talented rapper has alot more to come! So Take a quick listen to Makiin!! "You Mad" Smart Phone Users Click on the Picture!!”

“She isn’t what you would picture when you think of hip-hop, and that’s just how she likes it. She’s dainty but strong and doesn’t bring to mind an artist on sight much less a rapper. She can rap, though, and she is serious about it. Each song and video and every new rung up the ladder seems to explain why everyone loves this girl so much. Her recording persona is very much what you would expect of a woman in a male-dominated industry—a sexy bravado largely dominated by girl power lyrics She’s also an incessant and goal-oriented woman and talking is rarely the goal, unless she is on the Internet, where the Makiin brand is flourishing nicely. Over 5,000 people subscribe to the Makiin brand between Twitter and Facebook and that number grows daily. Forty-thousand people visit her website monthly, and she has over 50,000 combined views on her YouTube channel. For all intents and purposes, at 25 years old she’s on her way to mogul status. You can find Makiin everywhere!”

“Getting to know the real Makiin, this rising star from West Palm Beach has definitely been making moves lately. She first caught our attention freestyling in a Cypher with down south artist, and we were truly surprised. Makiin was the only female emcee, and murdered her freestyle. As seen on Fuse, we can say she is a true talent and has what it takes to make it to the top. We'll continue to follow her success and keep you updated on this rising star as well!”

“I got a chance to meet up with West Palm Beach female rapper Makiin. Now, this chick is about her business. We got a chance to talk about her new mixtape Makiin Noise, the need for sex appeal for female MCs winning Best New Hip-Hop artist at the Palm Beach Hip-Hop Awards and how she got on FuseTV’s Hip-Hop Shop commercial. Here’s a sample of my Broward-Palm New Times piece on her….”

“Urban Spotlight this week goes to a female mc Makiin coming up, from Palm Beach, Fl featuring SoMong he's work with a lot of major artist most recently he was worked with JaRule on his project before he went to that "gated community". Anyway the song is hella nice and the visual to the record just makes the song even more official like. At the end of the day, you gotta have someone that is gonna hustle with you...I'm just sayin!!!!”

“ Meagan Belcher, also known as her stage name, "Makiin", is West Palm Beach's first lady of rap. She has made a name for herself in recent months, and has even been compared to Iggy Azalea. Iggy Azalea is a white female rapper recently signed to T.I.'s Grand Hustle Records. The 19-year-old has gotten papoularity from her latest single, "Murda Business". Unfortunately, the comparison was almost a stab at the local musician, but she took it as publicity. She wrote on her Facebook, "Couldn't help but laugh at this. Love the free publicity tho. Carry on!"”

“Females MCs are not supposed to be student council president. They aren't supposed to have seven varsity letters in volleyball, softball, flag football, and soccer. No rapper, male or female, is supposed to go to college to get a degree in order to become a police officer. They aren't supposed to be like Makiin.....”

“West Palm Beach emcee Makiin, here rapping during an Urban Underground concert, will be among several performers at "Urban Underground: Summer of '92," a throwback concert of new and classic hip-hop Saturday at Delray Beach's Arts Garage.”

“South FL native Meagan Belcher aka Makiin is a 24 year old aspiring hip hop artists. Doing Modeling, Commercials, and Videos on the side; Makiins main goal is to get signed to a major label by the ripe age of 26. She's a hard driven independent woman who works at a high end drug and alcohol treatment center as an administrative coordinator and also works part time at an all women's gym doing personal training. Makiin grew up playing every sport under the sun and has always had an athletic build but nothing stood out more then her fiery red hair and freckles. 35, 27,36 are her measurements and she only stands 5' 1" tall. Work and music consumes most of her days, but spends whatever free time she has with her family and close friends. You can check out her music at www.makiin.com and also follow her on twitter at @makiinmelodiiez”