“Mahnhammer: This local sludge-punk super-group boasts members of Gold Teeth, Cody Foster Army, Dirty Knockers and probably a couple of other bands we’re forgetting. Their raucous, cathartic live shows live up to the pedigree. And soon they’ll put the finishing touches on their first bona fide CD, which they’ve been recording in the loft space above the new Frontier Lounge in Tacoma. ”

“Mahnhammer, Tacoma just can't get enough of this band! They definitely seemed like the tame ones on this bill but I'll be damned if you can tame this band. You can feel the doom as the set begins, driving basslines accompanied by some distorted guitars that seem to be influenced by Southern Rock and Hardcore, if you ask me. Micah tends to wear this expression that Screams " I will rip your guts out and eat them before you hit the floor." It's as if something possesses him and trust that I wouldn't want to get caught in his gaze when he is in that mode. Let us not forget Chris, part of the heart that drives the band. Complimenting those heavy basslines that make you drop your head slowly only to swing it back up and barely catch a glimpse of their methods of bestowing such awesomeness upon your ears. Go see them as soon as possible.”

Nikki Weatherhead - Wake Up 253

“Music with melodic vocals and guitars sweetly moaning over a strong cunt grabbing rhythm section. Oh there is screaming, but it comes in short harsh bursts, just enough to keep your ears piqued. some of the vocals are spoken and they come from a deep mind-fucking level, it sent chills up my arms and spine.”

Joy Bonney - Wake Up 253

“Mahnhammer is a band we caught at a show in Tacoma WA a few weeks ago playing with Zeke, The Lemons and Poppa Wheelie. I have to admit-twenty seconds in to their first song I was kind of on the fence with this band. Usually it only takes about that long to decide if I like or f**king hate what I'm hearing. This time twenty seconds wasn't long enough cause this band hit it's stride shortly into their first song, and a fan was born. I've heard my fair share of bands that have no business playing shows, and I am always hoping for the best every time a band hits the stage that I'm unfamiliar with , Mahnhammer definitely delivered the goods that night in Tacoma.”

“ Superbly visceral and heavy debut from a band i discovered from the always resourceful CdBaby. Manhammer mix bestial Sludge (think of Haarp, Eyehategod, Mugwart and Fistula) wioth the heavier side of Noise Rock (in the spirit of early AmRep records like Jesus Lizard, Halo Of Flies, Cows or Unsane). Big, downtuned, scorching riffage coupled with sinideter animal like vocals with an edgy sinister vibe to them. Nice kick to the head. Play it seriously loud and it will pleasantly abuse your ears. ”